Q: My 2006 Hummer H3 starts fine, boggs down, idles rough, then dies? on 2006 Hummer H3

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My Hummer will start right up and sound perfect for about 5 seconds, then bogg down, idle really rough, then die. It's very repeatable.
It started when I filled up with gas at a local station, I was very near empty when I filled up. Is that just a coincident or could it be something to do with the fuel? Check engine light is on.
(3) Answers
clean your throttle body google it, very simple to clean you can pick up thottle cleaner at your auto parts store.
Clean the throttle body.. you'll have to take the air intake apart. You can buy a throttle body cleaner, or just wipe it with a cloth for a quick fix..
But it definitely sounds like your throttle body is dirty.
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