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Mitsubishi Mirage (3 Reviews)
just got this '98 with 102k so far have had to replace timing belt(was made aware before buying) and the ignition coil(which is part of the distributor) the tie rods are wearing as well, but still very happy with car, i'm pretty handy and most parts are easily accessible
This car has been unbelievable for me! Great car! Bought it in Aug. 2004 for $1400 with 96K on it (from a Kia dealerership!!) and I now have 206K on it after 6.5 years. I just basically maintain upkeep, brakes, oil changes, tires, tune up, etc. Replaced the wiper motor and front portion of the exhaust very recently. The only thing wrong with it now is the motor mount on the top passenger side is weakening. No biggie. Make sure you get the 1.5 litre engine like this one has, and try to get the 5 speed! This is a little rocket/thumper! Fun to drive, just a very plain jane no options car, no frills. Just a halfway decent stereo is all I need. This is probably one of the best cars Mitsubishi has ever made! Outstanding! It will give any Honda, Toyota, Mazda a run for their money! I don't see why this car won't last me past 300 or 400K!!!
I have had no problems with my car. I have been the only owner and I have kept up with all of the maintenance, but there has been no other problems.