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Mitsubishi 3000GT (7 Reviews)
Some of the time when I drive my 98 3000gt, I'll be driving 40 to 50 mph and it'll shift like all the 1st gear for no apparent reason and idk why it does it. It's only done it to me like 3 or 4 time but idk why it does it. Please help if you might know what it is. Thanks
Overall 3000GT VR-4 is a car, but it's too expensive to maintenance.
The startling surprise is the fuel economy! I live in Colorado and drive the mountains and front range (flat lands between Pueblo to Fort Collins) and have consistently had about 26 mpg highway and 20mpg city! The handling and response is good and the vehicle tracks superbly. The Body and interior are well designed although as I get older it is getting more difficult to get in and out of and passengers in the back seat should be reserved only for the very young and flexible. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
The brakes have been a problem and the rotors have had to be lathed on the car to eliminate the horrific wobble that came through the steering wheel. Tires were replaced and that is working for now. I give Brakes a 3 out of 5. Electric and lights have been very stable and I can't think of any issues to date 5 out of 5. Engine has been great and the only real issue is tune ups and timing belts. Timing belts are recommended for replacement at 60K miles, in my opinion, not a descent figure, timing chain would be more preferable! Tune up engine needs to be tilted upward to get to the rear bank not a great point for the Do It Your self mechanic. The exhaust and emissions are not a factor yet, but the gas mileage has dropped a mile or two and I suspect the O2 sensors need replacement 5 out of 5. Heat and AC great so far, the one major complaint is the defroster on a hot rainy Colorado day it will not clear the windshield unless the heat is ON not very favorable in the middle of summer, I give this one of the weaker points 2 out of 5. While on the subject of rain the driver's side window leaks and I suspect it has a lot to do with the track of the window and how it seals against the weather stripping it is a problem in an automated car wash and I make it a point to carry a large towel from home, but don't tell my wife that I've raided the linen closet! Suspension and steering have been great, notice the past tense, as I reach the 60K mile mark (that's right here in 2010 my 95 is just now coming up on 60K original miles!) the suspension is worn and needs to be replaced as is evident by the right rear tire showing some outside wear (balance and alignment were checked) but after 15 years I have no complaints. Suspension and steering were very tight and should be once again with strut replacement on all 4 wheels I give it 4 out of 5 just because of the pain I have had with tracking down the correct parts!
Stereo is JVC with Infinity speakes (6) and 7band equalizer with CD changer (holds 6 CDs) controls are all easily viewable and controls are well within reach. The hatchback window defroster is still functional and the struts work very well holding the hatch up.
The body lines are classic and it gets attention everywhere I go in it. People tend to look at it and are amazed that it is 15 years old. The black paint has held up well. I keep it garaged so this helps. The shine is still there and I am amazed how well the luster comes out with just a couple of coats of wax each season. For a base model it has all sport features in a sports car that you could ever want.
The best feature of all is the great gas mileage. It has served me well!!
Papaobewon (to Riley and Jane)
got the car recently and is been a great car, only thing the clutch cylinders went out but other than that awesome
My GT-SL 3000 is holding up great!!
my 3000gt has about 138000 miles on it, all have been trouble free. regular maintenence is a must. do the timing belts every 60000 miles and change the oil regularly and you will have no major issues. the clutch is starting to slip a little, but it lasted 138k plus. the heaters in these cars dosent get super hot, but they do get hot enough for sub zero driving.