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Mitsubishi Expo (4 Reviews)
This car was given to me by my mother in law. It sat in the side yard for at least 3 years and had long blades of grass growing up thru the engine. I cleaned it up, put a new battery in it, cleared out the gas tank, put new gas in it and the car started right up. After about 2 months "She" had a lack of power. Found out "she" was running on 2 cylinders. I had the valves done with other stuff and you just can not believe how much power this little girl has. I can go thru our mountain ranges better than most cars on the higway. I have had to do more work on her but she is the BEST little car I've ever owned. I would replace the engine before I would give her up.
I absolutely love my 1994 expo mini van .Previously owned when I got it 5 years ago.Does not use a drop of oil.Excellent on fuel!Air conditioning slows in summer every 3 weeks due to radiator water loss once filled we are great.the interior is easily cleaned ,no problems with the top liners tight and great!I do have a problem with the seat belt on drivers side not recoiling.She is mine and I love her!
I am very pleased with this car. So much that I intend to have it restored in a near future. Except for the normal wear and tear, I do not consider to have any major expenses for maintenance. It is an excellent runner and gas saver. Mitsubishi should come up with its fourth generation of Chariots. I am a handicapped engineer and I've garaged my excellent 2006 Dodge Gran Caravan mobility van(26,000 miles)to drive this car. Today, 12/03/09, I found a 1994 (also from original owner/165k miles)and bought it just for keeps.I haven't had the chance to take a good look at it, but I know it needs some good TLC.
Awww I have some attachments to this car because I learned how to drive with the Expo (and it became my college vehicle aka "booze bus"), but besides that, it was very reliable and I drove that car everywhere! When my fam decided to finally retire the car it had been driven well over 200,000 miles (I used to frequent trips from Davis to San Luis Obispo in that thing... with just a tape deck!), and through the years it only needed some light repairs... I've heard some not so good things about Mitsubishi's but I've never had any bad stories to share about them.