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Mitsubishi Diamante (10 Reviews)
2003 Mitsubishi Diamante' LS -- Very nice This has been my favorite car that ive owned so far. The luxury aspect of it reeled me in. The heated leather seating smooth ride. The fact that the memory buttons on the driver door always adjusted to my comfortable seating position AS i was getting! yaaa THATS NICE
I bought the car with 20,000 miles on it and the abs light came on in the first storm. I didn't have the pump replaced, too pricey. I now have 108,000 miles on it, have always had it serviced, but the valve cover gaskets are leaking now. I have had some brake jobs done and things like that but I think they did a lousy job, they have always squealed since. I don't like how low the front end is, it scrapes over low bumps and such. The interior is perfect (leather) all the fancy upgrades work except the heater never works down on the floor, just in the middle. A/C is great, speakers are a bit blown but think it was done at a shop when I had body work done, it was a great system. I have put a LOT of stop and go miles on it going to work and that is part of the problem with brakes and such. Its been a good car but think its getting tired. Not as good as a Toyota or Honda for sure.
Bought car new in 1995.Today it has 166,782 miles Best car ever. Lived on a dirt road in New Mexico for 16 years. Now in Seattle. Car has original headlights. Did 60,000 timing belt etc.Changed oil every 4000 miles.It's best at 70mph an above.It,s swiss clock has never been off a min.
i need to an estimate for replacing both power steering lines on my 1992 mitsubishi diamante
Great car for the money, reliable, stylish and powerful. Interior is second to none...4.5 stars out of 5
the exterior body, like the bottom of the doors come off if you are to close to the side walk and you get in and close the door, and to find the plastic grips is a pain, when i finaly got em the next day the same thing happened, other wise the car is the best one i owned.
Probably the best car I've ever owned. Smooth, powerful, reliable and a dream to drive. Owned it for 6 years and have had to do only minor maintenance. Just replaced the cam belt at 61,000 miles.
I got this car from my sister. IT runs great and gets good gas milage.
I just purchased this car from a local dealer. It has 66k miles and so far everything seems to be okay. I did have the "service engine soon" light come on after a brisk breeze down a nicely paved rd (about 95 for less than a quarter mile). Culprit=O2 sensor. But the light has since gone off and not come back on. I will be tuning it up soon because it idles a little rough for my taste. slightly under 1k RPM Will report results.
I really enjoy the car. It has really good power. Sound system doesn't really need add ons. Smooth and quiet after 160k + miles.
Recommend buy.