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Hi, as above I have changed the fwd/aft eng mounts as the fwd was u/s. this improved the shake a bit. but I notice that if i put it in reverse the shudder is nearly all gone, but if I put it into drive the shudder is most definite,some days it is not as prominent as others but is always there ,also while trans is cold and I pull up a little bit rapid the release of top gear is a bit of a klunk ...I suspect sticking valves but not sure.

the car runs fine till it loses power, then the steering wheel stocks up. brake loses and the engine sounds choking till it dies. what could be the problem?
Have replaced coolant temp sensor, also T.P.S. wire came off when wife drove it. Had to replace wire end it would not stay tight on spade, I'm unemployed and hurting for money please help
please help!!!!
The engine was dying at stops then the car would no longer start. It now has new plugs, wires, computer, fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel pump relay. It still will not start. Someone suggested that it could be an electrical problem. What else should we check for? Before we replaced the computer, when it was still running, I noticed a build up of carbon in the tail pipe. I was assuming that because of the bad computer, the car was getting too much fuel. Don't know where to go from here. Have had it in a couple of shops and they can't seem to diagnose it correctly either. I would scrap it if I didn't have so much money in it, plus it has fewer than 90,000 miles on it. Thanks!
car will not start has fuel going to rails and, there is spark. Is this this fuel injectors and if so how troublesome is diy and possible steps...?
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