Q: missing bad. 74000 miles, check engine light is on. Where is fuel filter? on 1999 Saturn SL

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Started this morning when I started it. No problem til now. Very rough idling, missing worse when idling, but continues when driving. Turned on A/C it got alot worse. Mileage 74000.
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Check for any codes, since you have a Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light coming on. That is step 1. then fix the coded systems.
car heat's up quickly on short drive'the fuelfilter was replaced firstin the tune up on a 93 satur sL1
Fuel filter is unlikely the cause of the missfire. The fuel filter is located under the brake fluid container on the drivers side. you will need to loose the strap with 10 mm socket. should be 2 bolts holding it down. release the lines by using a quick disconnect tool. Sometimes one will come with the new fuel filter. Other side just press in both taps on each side and the line should release. There is also a 10 mm nut under the throttle place area that will need to be loosen. Back to the misfire though. I would suggest checking the coil tower for corrosion where the spark plug wires connect to. check the wires and plugs also. replace as needed. Temp sensors, egr valve, 02 are also possiable causes. Would suggest checking the code if present and diagnois from there. Hope this helps out.