Q: mexican heads on 2003 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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yes i have a 2oo3 dodge ram pu that i bought used and i drove for 32511 miles and it over heated i took my truck into a garage and they told me that the truck had the wrong heads on it and that it had mexican heads on it. thats what made my truck over heat and they said that it would cost 3 to 4 thousand dollars to put the right heads on it. is this true or am i getting taken advantage of? is there anything called mexican heads? and if the heads were wrong would i have been able to drive 32511? what should i do?
(2) Answers
If the wrong heads were on the engine, causing an overheating problem, this should've occurred shortly after they installed the heads. However, you may have a blown headgasket, which could've been caused by inferior parts. If you can post the brand name of the heads, or the part numbers, we may be able to cross reference them to see if they are correct.
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