Q: master cylinder and strut on 2007 Saturn Outlook

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I own a 2007 saturn outlook with less than 37,000 miles. I recently took it in for maintenance and was informed I needed to replace the master cylinder, front and back brakes and also need to replace the left front strut... How often does a master cylinder, brakes, and strut(s) need to be replaced?
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Master cylinder - not that often at all. Sometimes never for the life of the vehicle. Was there a description of what is wrong with it?

Brakes - anywhere between 15,000 - 50,000 miles per axle on any given vehicle could be normal. Depends way too much on driving - city verses highway, etc etc.

Struts - for wear and tear - probably would start looking around 60,000 miles. I'm getting that the left front strut may be actually leaking, which is necessitating replacement. Again, get a good description of why it needs replaced.
Thank you so much for your prompt response. Will definitely ask for a a detailed description of why it needs to be replaced. What can cause a master cylinder and struts to be replaced early?
The master cylinder - something is defective. Not sure. Master cylinders typically get replaced due to internal leakage which makes the bake pedal "fade" - or sink to the floor under pressure.

The strut - an internal oil seal probably ruptured causing a leak. Technicians typically recommend a strut or shock absorber be replaced when it leaks. They would recommend a pair or all four (a pair at a time is always a good idea, by the way) if it was wear related.