Q: manual transmission can't turn engine off and remove key on 2009 Chevrolet HHR

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have 2009 hhr with manual transmission, can't turn engine off because key won't turn off. key will turn clockwise as if to turn engine on, but won't turn counterclockwise to turn engine off, key won't come out
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I am sure you have got the car to stop running by now. You can't disconnect the battery to stop it from running it could damage the alternator and or cause voltage spike that could damage other sensitive electronic components. Disconnect a key engine sensor like the crank angle sensor, camshaft sensor or disconnect the ignition switch that would stop the engine running, then you can disconnect the battery. It sounds like the ignition switch has failed.
this happen to me also dealership wanted 5 to 6 hundred to fix i was just over my wartentee went to a key and lock shop fix it for 85.00 .....
Same thing happened to my 2009 automatic...husband had to remove fuse to turn off mechanic said it should be covered under warranty, but the Chevy dealership said it was just an ignition problem not powertrain...
look under the steering column there is a small door which you pry open and find a small white button push it and the key will come out .. then take it to the dealer ... ask if its covered by a recall yet ..