Manual Transmission

The manual transmission, or gearbox, receives the power (torque) created by the engine and sends it to the differential. During vehicle operation, the driver operates the clutch and moves the gear stick in order to select the best gear based on vehicle speed and driving conditions.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Manual Transmission

  • Abnormal noise
  • Hard shifting
  • Inability to shift into one or more gears
  • Grinding noise when shifting
  • Transmission won't stay in selected gear
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light

Manual Transmission Related Repair Advice

  • Depending on the type of failure, the manual transmission may require repair or replacement
  • The manual transmission fluid should be replaced at the interval recommended by the manufacturer
  • It is critical to use the correct fluid type when adding or servicing the manual transmission fluid
  • When replacing a manual transmission, the shop should check the condition of the clutch, flywheel, and rear main engine oil seal. Also, the transmission mounts should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

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