Q: madza cx7 2007 car idle rough on 2007 Mazda CX-7

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when turning on the car if i run the a/c the car idiling it shakes if i turn the a/c off its not as bad what cause the car to shake when sitting
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Sounds to me that you could have a problem with the idle speed control system and that the engine is idling at too low speed. if so, and the engine idle speed isn't being controlled automatically, it sould shake and worse with the A/C on. Possible that there's an air leak into the intake air system, like a loose clamp or torn air duct. Also possible that the air flow sensor in the intake is causing problems. I'd think any of these would cause the check engine lignt to come on. Is the light on? Also possible, if high-mileage, that the throttle area in the intake system could be loaded with carbon and restricting airflow. how about the air filter, is it clogged? If the check engine light's on, you need to check that with a code scanner and that info would be a help.
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