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Q: Lug Nuts Need Replacing on 2006 Dodge Charger

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I am in neeed of Lug Nuts for my 2006 Dodge Charger R/T. Called the dealership and they are charging me 8 bucks a lug nut! Why are these so expensive and further more why should I have to replace all 20 of them per repair shop? I have never heard of lug nut swelling! Is this possible or are they running game on me becasue I am a woman? I also called around to several stores like NAPA, Autozone etc... and NO ONE HAS THEM!
I'm having a similar problem with my 2008 Charger SE. 4of my lug nuts are "swollen" meaning that there is a chrome sleeve covering the actual lug nut, and when you try to take them off, all you do is spin the outside sleeve but not the inside lug nut. I just spent $110 bucks at the dealership to get them removed, and now the only place I can find replacement lug nuts is Pep Boys, costing around $6 per lug nut, and takes 3 - 5 days to special order if not in stock. Of course, the dealership also offered me a replacement set of lug nuts, $8 each just like you. And I'm a dude, so it's not because you're a woman, it's because Dodge is crooks about this.
To day 10/05/2010 the crysler dealer told me I needed 20 lugs for my 2007 300 at $7.00 each over $140.00 for lugs I went in for a oil change and rotate the tires. I have never heard of lugs swelling until today
The OEM lug nuts need a 13/16" socket. If a shop uses a larger 7/8" socket the cover of the nut will distort which will prevent a 13/16" socket from fitting and the 7/8" socket will eventually not grip. The only solution is to replace the OEM nuts with aftermarket solid chrome nuts. They are available in sets of four, assuming wheel locks at a very reasonable price. I replaced all of mine as above and still I get people who used the 7/8" socket but this time it only nicked the edges of my solids. I now do my own tire rotations and seasonal tire changes, by hand with a torque wrench finishing the tightening. If I can find the brand and part number, I will get back with it.
My dealership wants $10.81 a lug and $20 for a wheel stud. I don't like theses covered nuts and will replace them soon. Gorilla has a black chrome set I like. Best bet is to try e-bay or internet for replacements. I've seen prices from $2.49 on up. I have to assume if the seat is the same the lug will work.
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