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Q: Lower Radiator Line Blew on 1996 Saab 900

My lower radiator line blew while driving, spewed coolant all over the engine compartment, the car won't even turn over anymore, my first thought was that coolant effected eletrical lines but I dont see any obvious probelms. Has this happened to anyone? I dont want to tow it to a shop to find out its something I can work on myself. Any suggestions? Thanks, KCF
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You say the engine wont turn over any more. Do you mean the engine won't "crank over" when you turn the ignition key to the starter position or does it crank over but not start because the ignition system has become wet?
Do you here a click when you turn the key but the engine won't crank/spin over. If this were the case remove the spark plugs and see if the engine will crank over then. My thought there was illuminate the possibility of the engine having seized. A seized engine will try to crank over but you should hear the starter try to engage. Replace the hose clamp fill the cooling system with water initially, allow air to rise to the top of the cooling system and keep adding water and try to start the car.
If the car still wont crank put the car in 4th gear with the hand brake off can you push the car, you will feel some resistance but should be able to push the car. Reapply the hand brake and take the car out of gear. Find the wire from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid and apply voltage at the starter does the engine now crank?
Once you have gotten the engine to run open the heater valve (turn heater to max setting) and allow engine to run until fans cycle on and off, allow engine to cool off totally and fill radiator and expansion tank as required.
Your car may have experienced head gasket damage of a stuck thermostat or possibly even the cooling fans failed to operate but the cooling system should not have developed enough pressure to "blow off "a cooling hose. The radiator cap/expansion bottle cap should have vented pressure at about 16 psi unless it is deffective
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