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Q: Low RPM Noise after Timing Belt Replacement on 1999 Toyota Camry

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I recently had the following replaced on my car: timing belt, p/s belt, serpentine belt, camshaft and crank seals, timing belt idlers & tensioners, heater hoses, radiator hoses, and water pump. Now when I drive my car I hear a whirring noise at low RPM (circa 1800-2000 RPM). The independent shop where I had the work done thinks the noise is do to poor insulation in the timing belt cover. Is this accurate? I don't remember a noise when the dealership replaced the belts 60K miles ago--but just the three belts were replaced, nothing else.
belt may be a little tight causing the whinning. have the shop verify the tension is correct on the timing belt. you dont need it to break.

Thanks for your response! I did take it back to them, but the mechanic didn't hear the noise I was talking about. The noise does disappear above 2300-2500 RPM, but below that it's pretty noticeable to me since I've been driving the car for 11 years. I was told that the tension was automatically set by the tensioners and therefore the belt shouldn't be too loose or tight. Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed when the mechanic isn't hearing what I'm hearing?
Certain brand of timing belt will cause that, especially GATES brand. Are you changing the stock OEM brand ?
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