Q: Low and battery output to losing charge on 1996 Jaguar XJR

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My jaguar stopped charging, I have replaced my battery and a the alternator it will not charge up to 13 now.

And it will not hold it's charge.
my rear passenger window shatterd after that is when it seems to have started I replaced my rear passanger window
(1) Answer
you definately have a draw... enough said The only thing that can cause such a huge draw is a grounded positive wire looking at the window that shattered you had to have taken the door apart to get to window. In some cases the winow regulator could cut throught a door light wire or any other wire located in the door; also look at the interior compartment you may have pressed on a wire that had been broken earlyer, Best way to go about this is to pull fuses until you fined the short this will allow you to focous on the the specific area of the short then work from there. These jobs are not easy!!!!
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