Q: Loud grinding , Whurling, WHining sound on 1991 Acura Legend

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Have a grinding, whurling, whinning sound as the car drives strait. When making a left turn, no sound. Did notice one of the boots on the passanger side tie rod has broken away from the tie rod itself. I don't know if this is relevant to the problem.

Any input would be appreciated here.

Thanks Much

Seems to get progressively louder as the speed increases.

Checked the CV trans axels , they are fine and were replaced about a year ago. When these went the sound was more like rattling bearings and would occur when making a turn, not so with this problem.
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Your description of the outer CV joints being bad is correct. You would hear a rattling clicking sound that increases with speed as you take a tight turn. A worn inner CV joint usually causes a rumble or vibration under load. I just see in a later post you have a D4 light flashing! Check the transmission fluid level. Unfortunately the noise you are hearing may be related to the D4 light being illuminated.
Check the power steering fluid level as well for good measure.