loss of oil pressure on Ford Explorer

Average mileage: 143,440 (251–253,000)
Engines affected: 3.5L V6, 4.0L V6, 4.0L V6 SOHC, 4.6L V8
11 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2012
25 people reported this problem
13 people shared problem details
1999 Ford Explorer- 4.0L V6155,000
Oil pressure gauge bouncing around then goes to 0. As it does this, a clacking sound appears.
lost oil pressure while driving engine was full of oil and no leaks. pulled motor to take a look at the oil pump and drive (and to check bearings after loosing pressure) every thing looked new so went to top side of engine and pulled out oil pump drive which installs were the distributer belongs and drives off the jackshaft (camshaft) to run the oil pump. when i removed the oil pump drive it was as plain as day the gear had worn into the housing 3/4 inch until it disconnected from oil pump drive. thought it might be usefull no one i talked to had heard of it
2005 Ford Explorer- 4.0L V6173,000
Got a oil change and when I got home, my dash board said loss of oil pressure
2005 Ford Explorer- 4.0L V672,368
Loss of oil pressure guage on also check guage light started to drive it and runs noisy and loud...garage said the bottoms out....real nice..
Driving down the road and the oil pressure went out I got it home and I let it cool off and started it back up it had oil pressure until it warmed up and then it had no oil pressure
2006 Ford Explorer196,000
oil warning light comes on at idle speed
2000 Ford Explorer245,764
Guage goes nuts at idle I gear but pressure reads fine when driving
2005 Ford Explorer130,000
While driving, the cars "Information center" first displayed Low oil pressure check gauge, then engine check and batt gauge came on at which time engine shut down, immediately, "probably a designed engine failsafe" this could be dangerous to in-experienced drivers because of the loss of power steering, its difficult to steer the car, so I coasted down and shut the key off and back on again started it, and made it home alright, this happened once before as well I checked the oil and it was low 2 quarts.
2005 Ford Explorer253,000
oil pressure gauge reading low
2011 Ford Explorer82,000
I got a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT and it says low pressure service already have the oil changed and its doing the same thing I got some engine light codes p0102 p2197 p2195 c.1600 v0 401
2012 Ford Explorer- 4.0L V6 SOHC
I wanted to share my story in hopes of saving someone else the trouble we had. While driving to the beach (200 miles from home) my gas meter showed 12 miles. This car has always been extremely accurate. I was pulling off the exit to get gas and I lost the gas pedal and began to lose speed. My loss of oil pressure light started flashing in red and the oil light came on. My first thought was the oil change we had the evening before we left on our trip. The car gentle glides to a stop and I turned it off. We checked the oil, again expecting them to have left the filter loose or something but it's perfectly fine. No sign of a leak...and dip stick reads full. It has the push button start...it will not do anything. We unhook the battery thinking the system may need to reset ( a sensor or somthing)...nothing. So we call a tow truck. We travel 20 miles to the closest dealership where we wait 2 hours and racked up a $225 bill to tell us it was out of gas. It never spit or sputtered just glided to a stop...gave us oil pressure warnings which scared us thinking it was a serious problem. We actually walked to the service station I was headed to for gas and got coffee while we waited for the tow. I have been on 0 miles before when I pulled into to station and after 2 years never questioned the gas gage accuracy. Lesson learned and if you find this story..try a little gas before you call the tow trucks!!
lost of oil pressure car will not start
2000 Ford Explorer175,000
My car has been missing for awhile not idling gd & cut off at stop my oil pressure gauge is out now!
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