Q: losing power on 2003 Ford Taurus

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my ford will shift but wont accelerate properly...please help!
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i had this happen to mine to .it was a spark plug wire that was messing mine up it was also jerkin to when i stop or accelerated. having the air on at the same time to it fix the problem for now but its taurus this my third one not by choice and i always seem to have issues with them so
Hey sexymama,
I don't get to say that too often!
If you are comfortable with looking at this yourself, take a good look a the intake hoses and pipes and make sure they are all connected. Then try to get the diagnostic codes read out (free at some parts stores) and post the codes here if there are any.
If all that fails, then a diagnosis will need to be performed. This can be caused by many things, so it may be best left up to a repair shop.
Good Luck!
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