Q: Location of O2 sensor on 2003 Volkswagen Jetta

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Can you tell me the location(s) of the O2 sensors on this Jetta. Girl friend of mine needs replacement and I am being drafted to do the R&R. Never worked on a Jetta, but have tons of wrenching experience.
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If you can locate the catalytic converter the front O2 sensor , referred to as sensor 1 or S1 , is located in the inlet pipe for the catalytic converter , 6" to 12" upstream.
The rear sensor , referred to as sensor 2 or S2 , is located in the outlet pipe , 6" to 12" downstream.
The exact distance from the catalytic converter varies by engine type , i.e , 2.O liter ,1.8 Turbo or 2.8 VR-6
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