Coolant Leak From Plastic Lines on Jaguar X-Type

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The small plastic lines or tubes that carry the hot coolant to the radiator may become brittle and break. Coolant can leak out and cause the engine to overheat.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 87,432 (7,300–180,000)
7 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008
28 people reported this problem
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First, the reservior plastic end cracked so I put on a new one & it was great, for about 2 wks.. Now, I have a leak from one of the hoses near the battery but lower. I'm taking it to someone this wk, I'm a woman, not a mechanic! Hoping for the best without spending an arm & a leg.
Actually, it was the plastic end of the overflow reservoir that broke, stuck in the tube. There was enough slack that I cut that part of the tube and stuck it onto a new overflow reservoir purchased from the local auto part supplier
Two months after having coolant reservoir replaced for leaking, I noticed coolant leaking I'm told the hose is leaking and needs to be replaced.
The same
Exact problem. Car over heated. Due to the lines. Mechanic has had me car for 3 weeks b/c It was hard finding lines. Just bought my car January 24. 400 worth of work
I thought it was the water pump but when I got it diagnosed he said it was a plastic line that was leaking and causing it to over heat. He said that no dealer or parts store carry the part but he could get one on ebay for $238.00 and then there would be the labor. I had to decline and still need it fixed. Can anyone tell me where I can get this part and the name of it. Since it seems like such a common problem.
Thanks Mike
radiator went,then started leaking from reservoir,then top radiator hose broke,then thermostat went.
Coolent pump was leaking causing the engine to over heat . I got it fixed 470$ . I was driving at around 75 miles and the car accelerated and went 110 i had my foot on the breakes pulling the emergency handle. I finally got the car to stop. Turned the car off and didnt wanna start after an hour of being on i95 . my car turned on and worked perfectly. Then after only 92,miles my transmission blew out ! My car moves like if its on nutrual and makes loud noises when i change gears .the car doesint move. Ive contacted corprate , i cant afford this. Its my first car im only 19 . I dont know what to do
I replaced the pulley to the water pump then noticed a leak of anti freeze around that area. When I searched to find the leak I noticed that a thin plastic tube was just hanging. From what I learned, that tube transfer the coolant to the radiator so I'm gonna attempt to repair or replace it so prevent the overheating.