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Q: lincolv avaitor seats heat and cool not working on 2003 Lincoln Aviator

Battery went low recently and since then(coincidence) the driver and pass seat heat and cool not working. Control on doors does not light when turned on. What fuse is for the seat temp control on the doors?
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both seat are not working is there a relay or fuse to oper the switch or seat
hello Boblee, I am exp the SAME exact issue on my Avi, have you found a solution? If so can you let me know? My mechanics say there is nothing wrong, battery has been replaced, alternator is fine but battery keeps DYING. The battery issue began right after the damn seats stopped working. You can email me at

thank you,


PS: This was the ONLY way I could reach you.
On my Aviator, the A/C Clutch Fuse blew when I was having A/C Issues. While that Fuse was blown, my Heated/A/C Seats wouldn't work, and the light up button on the door did not light up either. Soon as I put a new Fuse in, the Heated Seats Started working. Fuse is in Fuse-Panel Under the dash on the drivers-side. Hope this helps!
I'm not very mechanical and the driver side heated seat doesn't stay on. If pressed, you can see the red or blue light come on for maybe 5 seconds then shut off. If pressed again, nothing. Only if you shut off the car and restart it, the same occurs. The passenger side works just fine. Any suggestions?
Try this: seats have a fan under that controls the temperature. I can't remember if it's 1 or 2 tubes that connect to the fan, check them and make sure that the tube(s) is/are plugged to the fan. It shuts off because the computer gets the temp signal from that tube(s,
It may be related. Low battery voltage can create some crazy electronic gremlins. It may be that this system needs to be calibrated after losing battery voltage. Try looking for control door calibration info online, or in a repair manual.
Did anyone figure this problem out . . . we are having the same problem ... think I have found the fuse panel under the dash on the driver's side. This one is white in color and has a number of fuses in the panel -- which one would control the seats? How does one figure that one out?
Check to make sure the fuse for the seats isn't blown. To "re-train" the system to recognize the climate controlled seats, follow the instructions at this link: Restraint System (SRS) Depowering and Repowering.pdf
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