Q: Light bulb stuck in the socket (burnt) how to get it out on 1993 BMW 740iL

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I have the socket out of the car but cannot unscrew the light bulb which seems to have been burnt in, therefore I cannot unstall a new bulb
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With no power going to the bulb there is no risk of shorting out a fuse or burning wiring. I have tried using lots of penetrating oil and applying it several times. Its hard to apply heat but perhaps if the glass from the bulb it broken away you can bend/ break/ and manipulate the base of the bulb with a needle nose pliers until you can get the bulb out of the holder. Maybe even with the bulb all removed try using a soldering iron to apply enough heat to free things up.
push in and twist to the left or counter clockwise then pull out. The bulb is an old fashion type.
Disconnect battery power source. Use needle nose plier, insert push in then spread as to apply pressure to unlock bulb.
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