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Lexus LX470 (9 Reviews)
Gear and small gear
Had this car since new. Now has 250k and still looks and rides great. Need to make sure to keep up with maintenance.
i have a 1999 lx 470 best car of the 8 i have owned, this one just went of 200,000 miles and is a quiet as it was the day it was bought...i want a new car but can't imagine buying a new car for no reason... i don't think another car that could live up to my expectations now...
I have my Lexus LX 470, 1998, 80,000 miles, after church, we are back home, when I have just parking in front my house around 10 minutes, engine keep running, get back to my lexus , let go to work, sudden I cant not shift to D, Why? please , help. Thank's
I have 350,000 miles on my 1999 LX470 and it's still going strong. Regular maintenance is all I've done. This vehicle has made me a Lexus owner for life.
2005 LX 470, GREAT CAR BUT RECENTLY I'VE HAD TWO issues that need to be fixed. 1. After getting a oil change at the dealership I've noticed a very hard gear shift, almost compared to being hit in the rear of the car. 2. At times the car will have a complete loss of power, you press on the gas and the
RPM'a shoot up but the car moves very slowly through the gears??
Now to make it more of a puzzle the gas tank was 1/2 full so I filled it up and the problem went away for #2. Any Suggestions
best car i've ever owned. gas milage is not good-13mpg, and not cheap to fix, but it never breaks, is built like a tank, and the quality is unbeatable. I've had my 2002 since 2004 and all i've ever done is oil changes. i will need to do a timing belt soon, but that's ever 100k miles.
Had the car for eight years. only problem ever had was left lights on and battery jump start - friend messed up and crossed the cables. had to replace electrical in engine. other than that, just some missing interior pieces with normal wear and tear.
wonderful suv will buy another lexus for sure