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Lexus ES330 (12 Reviews)
I have 150,000 miles on the car. I do regularly scheduled work and that has been the only service I have ever needed. I am getting an average 23 MPG. It's quiet, smooth, has excellent acceleration, very comfortable seats and plenty of trunk space.
Bought my 04 ES330 in 2010...only has 114,000 miles. tired of the transmission issue...jerk-lack of power-slow told there is no adjustment for this issue....sad
I have an 05 es330 with 65,000miles. Besides the transmission, this car is remarkable. Ocassionally it will have a sudden delay and then a jerk between 20 to 35 miles.This takes away the serenity of this beautiful sedan.I met quite a number of people whose experiences are the same.This car definitely has a transmission problem.I am now afraid to buy a Lexus in the future.
I purchased this car 2004 USED in 2006 from a Lexus dealer with remaining warranty on it but no additional warranty. The car had 19K miles on it. Six years only has 43K on it and still rides like a dream!!! The ONLY thing I've done to the car besides routine maintenance is change the tires at 41,000 miles and 2 batteries....THAT'S IT!!!! Nothing has broken down on this car. My auto repair place still says that my brakes are good and don't need replacement!!! It's a challenge...but I'm going to see if I can make this my last car before I die since I put low mileage on it and I'm only 58 years old- lol.
Yes, similar problems with my 2004 ES330. The acceleration hesitates, and when slowing down around 10-15 mph and not pressing gas paddle, the car jerk up the speed a little. The transmission is not functioning well. I had this problem when it was new, took to the dealership to have it examined, they said the transmission stays within the specs. Oh.. Well, over the years, I adjust my driving habits to get used to its behaviors.
i love my 200 lexus. it only has 42,000 miles on, so i wanted to keep it. then the screen for the gps and air-conditioning and heating does not work. also volume foe bluetooth not adjustable. price for new screen about $7,000. how can a car with low mileage like this, driven by a littlle old lady, get a crack in the screen? if anyone has the same problem or knows what causes it, please let me know.
I owned a 2005 ES330, very happy with it, but the same problem, the transmission waits to start going fast, I agree it is dangerous when making left turns and trying to go fast,
I have had my 2006 ES 330 for five years now. It has been a great car! It is up to 92,000 miles now. I have had the regular suggested maintenance on it done at the Lexus dealer to keep it in good condition. The trunk is big enough for two suitcases and two sets of golf clubs for weekend trips. The heater is good but you have to set it on a higher temperature, i.e . 80+ degrees, to get warmed up. I like the navigation system I got with the car. The one agervating thing with it is that you can not look up or set anything when the car is moving, not even the passenger, however, there is a override trick that I learned from a fellow lexus owner to get around this. I hope it keeps running great so that I have it for at least another 5 years. Signed, A content Lexus owner
I've had major problems with AC and after a $2000.00 repair still having air misdirected thru the defrost vents in lieu of the main AC vents in the center of the counsel.
I have 111000 on mine not many probles has been very reliable however the transmission has a serious fault. When you slow down and then try to speed up the car hesittates about a full second. This is very dangerous when making a left turn I alost ggot hit a couple of times when I first got the car.
Really like my lexus. It's really smooth. Not a fun car, (It doesn't feel ike this car can be safely driven hard ) but it's more refined.
Poor low beam lights. Roof line to low for entering driver's side. Occasional jerking of car when accelerating after slowing down.