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Lexus LS430 (21 Reviews)
I've owned my 2004 LS430 for about 10 days. I needed something to give my wife a comfortable ride on trips. Wow, did I find it. The plus for me is it's a joy to drive. I'm the second owner, it has 150,000 miles, and is in pretty much perfect condition inside and out. I hope to put another 150K on the odometer.
Awesome car!!! Bought it with 85,000 miles on it in 2006 and now have 322,000 miles on it and aside from scheduled timing belt replacements it has, basically, been only brakes, wipers, a couple of headlights and tires, It has all original equipment except radiator as my mechanic saw some bits of rust so I just had him replace it. Original alternator, ignition, transmission, steering etc. Have used Plus (87) gas and every 3 months treat it to a premium (93) and it runs great.

I put about 25k per year on it and looking forward to 400k in about 3 years or so.

Great car!
Purchasing this car is one of the best decisions I have made. I purchased it new and absolutely love it.
I have roughly 215,000 miles and it still has a great ride.
The only ongoing problem has been noise over bumps which started 1 year ago. It sounds like suspension but checks out ok. My service technician placed it on lifters and sprayed underneath(not sure where) and solved the problem. It has to be repeated occasionally. I notice it more when Houston experiences lots of water on the streets. It's my belief that the underbody car wash contributes to this problem.
This car is probably good for another 3 years so I definitely recommend it and plan to purchase another Lexus.
Car runs forever this is the best car ever. I purchased it new has 90,000 miles fully serviced very comfortable and looks luxury all inside got everything except nav. System overall love my LS430 such an beautiful car.
That isn't an '06 in the picture.
This is a fantastic car. I have owned mine since 2009. Great handling, a phenomenal ride that is like floating when you drive at high speed on the highway, tons of trunk space and leg room in the backseat for an actual adult. The LS also has a first-class engine. Tons of power, very fast even with four people, and an engine that has vehicles with over 1 million miles on the road. JD Powers best in class for more than 15 years ! It was also rated "best vehicle ever made for north America" on one major site. And the best yet, is that they are very reasonably priced used for a vehicle you could easily drive for 10 years and not be bored. Still gets looks when I drive it. Most foreign luxury cars have slipped on quality since mid-2000's, so this car is even more valuable. Good Luck, really can't go wrong here.
Needed in 2013, (bought used 2010),
Rocker arm bushings replaced,
front shocks,
brakes (at 60K miles),
both front door lock mechanisms.
I have a warranty from GM when purchasing car at Mountainview Chevy, which I thought was a waste, but not anymore. Paid $4600 for warranty, already got back $3500 worth of service. Don't get breaks done at dealer, it's half price elsewhere and true Lexus break pads are not extra expensive compared to standard oem parts.
I have 98,000 on mine. It has been excellent so far. I am having a problem with the driver side mirror automatically hyper extending every time I turn the ignition on. Mirror assembly replacement is expensive ($700 plus at Lexus Dealer). My mechanic is looking at a cheaper fix. I live in Johns Creek, Ga.
This car has the worst location for a digital ampilfer. Mark Levison is trash. The speakers blow and then when speaker are replace the ampilfer blows. A good car with an horrible sound system.
about to put 200,000 on this car this week.
I am completely satisfied with this vehicle. Went from a 1996 400 to the2004 430 and may go to the 460 next. Don't want to give this one up yet. Best car ever
Acquired this as a lease end - Lexus certified vehicle in 2007 with 45k miles. Major repairs consist of new brake pads, tires and battery plus regular oil changes at 5k intervals using regular Pennzoil and K&N oil filters. Use mid-grade gas with no problems. Major services (at my independent shop) at 15k, 30k, 45k and 60k intervals. I honestly believe that this vehicle will outlive me-eh!
Tremendously quiet and drivable vehicle for its size. I purchased an Ultra Luxury version of this car from a private seller and have not doubted the purchase at all. I have replaced trunk lifts with aftermarket like others. Recent issue is leaking of hydraulic fluid at right front area of car. Air suspension fixes are big $ fixes, but having picked up this car for $17,000 with 53k miles in 2010, it drives like an $80k vehicle still. So I figure it is the cost of repairs for 10 year old car. A well-maintained version of this car will last a very long time and serve you well.
2002 430 LS has 135,000 miles and still runs beautifully. Quiet and smooth. Repaired tilt wheel (during warranty period, no cost). Replaced hood struts with aftermarket units for $35. Only non-warranty, not scheduled maintenance was having lexus replace one O2 sensor ($400). Not bad for a 10 year old car. Love it.
great car. Only 2 repairs of consequence.

Replace rear struts assemblies as it was causing a knocking sound over bumps. the support rubber on end of strut was excessively worn and replaced at 90k mi. Lexus charged about 400 ea. incl. labor to replace and re-align.

Replace rear speaker in window and 2 add'l speakers as they were cracked and made cracking noise when base or volume turned up at all.
Incredible vehicle. Have run regular gas in it since we bought it with 37,000 miles in 2006. Now has 110,000 miles on it and no hint of any engine problems. Gets 26-28 mpg on the highway. Only problem was worn out hydraulic arms for trunk that made the trunk lid a guillotine. Had to complain to Toyota to get them replaced, I was surprised at how dishonest the Lexus dealer was in acknowledging this problem.
Excellent vehicle. I have had this vehicle since 2002. The maintenance is neglible. The brakes had to be changed once. Other than that tires, batteries and oil change is the only other maintenance expense. it is hard to like any other car after you ride this car. Very very quiet. I have 90000 miles on the car.
I have had this car for three years and it hasn't had one problem. I bought it as a lease end, and it is a joy to ride every single day. The handling is wonderful, and the feel of luxury is better than my old Mercedes Benz. In addition, it gives the quietest, smoothest ride of any car I know. I plan on holding onto this car until it dies or I die...
Great car however this was the first year for the wire guided transmission and it can be sluggish at times
Thank God I did buy a BMW or MERCEDES
I have had this car since it was new, and I have found nothing wrong with it. It is a truly great automobile.
the car is excellent
Very satisfied with the performance of this car since 2005