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Lexus LS460 (8 Reviews)
Great car!
Bought my 2009 LS 460 new and still own it. I'm extremely pleased with it. I have not had a single repair and only routine maintenance since I've owned it. Amazing car - it's certainly not sporty but it is extremely luxurious, comfortable and surprisingly fast as well.
Ok I purchased 2008 460L 35,000, traded in a BMW because of all of the trips to the shop. Nonetheless, I've owned my vehicle for 3 months, have been to the shop for wind noise...they tell me all normal but the Service Manager did admit to design flaw. Brake actuator replaced another trip, Brakes seem to grab, door garnish TSIB design flaw and now the car stalls,intermittenly, on acceleration from a stop or a roll. Because its intermittent, presents a problem as Lexus says they can do nothing unless they get it to duplicate although ther is a TSIB L-SB-0033-08. Hell, I just do not know anymore, maybe I should go Domestic????
car worked pretty good for 4 yrs. yesterday, was driving south on I75 in Florida. all of a sudden radio shut off and annoying mechanical chirping noise started. Cannot turn it off or down. sound system no longer works. was close to a toyota dealer so pulled in and spoke with service. couldn't do anything right then and was told to bring it back tues. morn. and that it would probably be expensive to fix. has anyone had this problem? how was it resolved?
Great car but...After only 100 miles the Mark Levinston Audio stopped playing (Replaced). At 16k miles noticed extreme shimmy in braking (Replaced Front Rotors) At 40k miles vehicle engine started ideling roughly (#3 Valve Spring broke), replaced all valve springs as part of a massive recall. At 53k miles shimmy in wheels has returned, noticing a severe lag in pedal to actual acceleration (intermittant), Drivers window seal is allowing wind noise to permeate cabin. For the cost of this vehicle, it is not measuring up to the quality namesake of perfection that LEXUS is so fond to say they are in Pursuit of...Keep Chasing!!!
teriffic car but repairs and routine maintenance way too expensive. also, paint job for a car that costs this much is subpar any little scratch thats it
Single handedly the worst car. Consumer reports obviously has some strange standards when it comes down to recommending vehicles. Suspension has design flaws the factory is working on, front control arms continually need replacement along with front struts, rear springs were defective along with the strut mounts there. Valve spring replacement on the motor, brake actuator, all window trim and seals for noise reduction, rotors twice due to suspension flaws, defective rear axle, and it just never stops. I am glad it is still under warranty. Lexus corporate is horrid to work with.
This is a slick bodied car. However, for the cost of this vehicle it should be a lot better. The sub-woofer has blown out at 50,000 miles. The paint quality is not up the cost of a vehicle of this price point.The finish has even worn off the front bumper. Big disappointment