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Lexus SC430 (12 Reviews)
I've owned my 430 for almost three years; I'm the second owner. I change the oil routinely as recommended. I bought it with 51K, I now have 75K. I've replaced the brakes and tires, but nothing else. Changed from run-flats (430 has no spare tire in trunk) to regular tires - the look is not noticeable enough to warrant the $1000 cost difference, but the ride is much much smoother without the run-flats. Save your money and enjoy a smoother ride, use traditional tires. Run-flats I had leaked and tripped the indicator light once a week - once I switched to traditional tires, no more problems.

Nice car for two people. It's fun to drive and it's been a joy to own. This baby's got get up and go! Gets about 18mpg avg city/hwy.

Give what I know now, based on my mileage and experience with the 430, I WOULD definitely buy this car again.
This is a luxury convertible coupe that could be confused with a sports car if it weren't for its heavy chassis and sedan-like handling. Nevertheless it is a joy to drive and in my experience has been very reliable. Drivetrain is very smooth and powerful considering the chassis weight. It has a 5-speed automatic transmission that shifts smoothly and precisely. The materials used in both the exterior and interior are second to none and the fit and finish are superb. Cost of ownership is probably a little higher than average but there is nothing about a Lexus that's cheap. There is some brake caliper noise (clunking) when reversing that seems out of line with a luxury car but overall the brakes perform well.
I have owned muscle cars and performance cars for most of my life.. This is the car id rather be driving!! it looks great, has tons of power, always draws stares and thumbs ups.. drop the top and it simply screams look at me! mine is the pebble beach edition, Id never owned a non us made car before, but id take this over all the cars ive ever owned
Will someone who knows please tell me whatI can expect to pay for high performance tires for my SC430 and do they require an alignment when put on new? I believe balance is in the price of the tires, is that true?
On my 4th windshield. What gives? Three were stress cracks.
Until you own an SC430, you just can't comprehend how you become part of the car, once you're behind the wheel. You're not just driving, you're involved; changing lanes, the ML sound system, the V8 sound, all of that neat stuff!! What a car: Love it!
great car need more space in rear.
This car is my Baby! It gives me no problems!!
This is a quite satisfactory experience with this I have so far
Overall fun car to drive.It is definitely not a family car! Well appointed, run flat tires provide a very stiff ride.
best car I've ever driven --- totally worry-free
great car,no problems only one electric antena mast