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Lexus RX300 (28 Reviews)
2001 Lexus rx300 bought it used in 2010 with 94k miles, has been back and forth to Tampa from the northern Va. area many times hauling a trailer and packed to the gills, now it has 191k miles and runs great! all wheel drive is surprising in the snow, never had it off road, best used car I've ever owned! We also own a 2008 rx 350, I think the 300 it built better :) it's my daily driver, everything works perfect! Thank you Lexus, I'd really be reluctant to buy anything that's not a Toyota product, been that way for 30 years!
Bought the car new in 2002 now have 175,000 miles So have very good idea about this car.
Had to replace 2 shafts due to rusted or damaged antilock sensors.
I was told that the sensor is an integral part of the shaft and when it fails you must replace the shaft, this model has 4 shafts also Had to replace the main drive shaft due to loose joints but in general car is very good.
Body has almost no sign of rust, driving is very good.
If you consider buying a new Lexus check the shafts issue as this was my problem with the car.
I had 2 Lexus RX300. Bought the first one in 1998. It caught fire in 2000, as I was driving to work (10-mile leisurely drive). Total loss. It had about 15,000 miles. Horrible experience with Lexus as we sorted through that. They eventually gave me a slightly used RX300 demo car which I still have. It has 111,000 miles. Muffler gave up at 70,000; the radio at about 80,000; transmission at 100,000. The hatchback is nearly jammed and very difficult to open. Was told it cannot be lubricated, only replaced. Very disenchanted with Lexus. Mine have been lemons, poorly designed, with overly complicated engineering for very simple parts such as a door closure system. Never had such problems with my other cars (Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mazda), except for a Fiat I owned long ago. Not a flattering comparison, but appropriate when it comes to quality.
Bought new in 1999 and as of 3/14/2014 we have 82,000 miles on the car. We bought it to take on trips and maintained the car and it looks great inside and out. Several months ago blue smoke poured out the exhaust and finally had somebody tell me the truth about the problem. I have a sludged engine and they say it is due to infrequent oil changes. Well 27 oil changes in 82,000 miles might have been the issue but it looks like folks that had excellent maintenance records still had a sludged engine. I have an offer for 3,000 bucks and will send this japanese marvel off with a one finger salute.....Great car up until this time but not real happy with the end result.....
My RX300 2002 Lexus has a wonderful ride and looks great even after 11 years. Well, that is where it all stops. I have spent more on this vehicle than any other car in my 53 years of driving. The transmission has been replaced, the motor on the antennae died, the front headlights go out frequently and sometimes the cruise control just stops when going up a hill. I'm taking it in next week to prepare for putting out more money.
My Lexus was bought used, RX300. I have had minor maintenance issues but overall it has served me well. The only frustrating thing about it is that I can't put it in neutral to roll it back to get a battery charge, and I don't know why the battery will die on it's own, apparently for no reason! New battery, lights not left on yet battery dead, and can't get it into neutral.
would the shift shaft seal keep the car from shifting rears.. mine if stuck in reverse and the shifter hand moves
Love my car and have had it 5 years. Have 129,000 and now see it is burning oil.
I had purchased the 2000 RX300 model and only at 65K miles started giving me more issues compared to any other cars that i have driven. Never had any issues on my other cars for at least 98K miles. But this was a big headache for me one problem after the other. 1st of all never in my life will i purchase a Toyota Branded upscaled car like Lexus nor any Toyota branded vehicles.
At 65k - Rear Main Seal Leak
At 69K - O2 Sensors Bad
AT 73K - Knock Sensor Bad
At 86K - Water leak from windshield
At 96K - Charcal Canister bad
At 98K - Check oil light.

Toyota did deploy inferior quality parts on this vehicle since it was a 1st Gen Car and most of the parts came from either made for Camry or Avalon in the same year. Other than interior nothing is facny in these cars, except a upper scalled version of a Highlander. If they had used good components and had a Quality control on the vehicles they make, we would not see so many recalls in these past 2 years right from Toyota to Lexus.
I/we purchased this RX300 (also had a 1999) back in 2002 and this has been the reliable vehicle I've ever owned. No major or minor problems with this vehicle. I'm just now starting to have some under the dash noise like something is loose on the drivers side...anyone know what this might be?
love my Lexus! have had very little trouble- minor maintenance
problems- almost 200,000 miles... one of the best cars I've owned...drove BMWs' before this car... all wheel drive is wonderful-
great in the snow- body/paint in great shape-- have kept car waxed and in garage when possible... interior- driver leather seat starting to show some wear... otherwise- interior upholestry in great shape--. height of car- perfect for my height(5'4") for easy
entry and exit...can't wait to get another!!!
The computer console screen that controls the radio and displays the heating and air temperature settings. The AC works but you have no idea what the setting actually is. The radio does not work at all.

I checked all the fuses and they are fine. The cost to replace this component is $ 1,500.00. It acts like a loose wire or a fuse attached to the screen.

Has anyone had any similar experience that had a simple fix?
I bought my Lexus from Lexus of Orlando and aside from some oil changes services I have always serviced at L of O. I have received very good service from them though, however, they are very expensive and now that the unit is rather old I would like to have it serviced at shops I can save some money on repairs but who are rliable and knwo how to repair this type of vehicle. Is there a realiable shop in Kissimmee, Fl I can use.
I have a Lexus RX300, 2003, 107k miles. I brought my car in for service to adjust my headlights. Thay said it could not be fixed and that thay would have to replace the hole light. Is that possible
Why would my wood steering wheel suddenly become cloudy and discolored? It was fine one day then it became cloudy and gray looking the next day.
I'm sorry to hear some people have had bad luck with their RX300. I love mine!! I bought it used in 2004 with 63K miles on it. Beside the minimal wear and tear items that happen its been a dream!!! Everyone stated that its such a awesome car to ride in, quiet, smooth, and looks brand new. It has 158K miles on it now & looks like the transmission is having a problem. I'm not worried I have a reputable mechanic that I go to since Lexus of Orlando pissed me off. Never took it back to them since. If it cost me $2-3K to fix it will be worth it cause it will take me another 150K miles!!! But the day it died I will buy another Lexus guaranteed!!!
my car have a problem with the engine, when i speed up some bad noise came from the engine. What's happen ?
My 2000 RX3000 has almost 170,000 miles and the only items I've replaced have been the fuel sensors and the electronic window panel (which I bought off a wrecked car from Craig's list for $175 which was almost $1000 less than Lexus wanted). Love this car - drive it everyday! I do have every recommended service from the dealer and on schedule.
Amazing vehicle. Purchased new in 2000 and have driven it for 11 years. I have 275,000 miles on it. Only major issue was a transmission at 218,000 miles. Cost me about $3800 because I had it done at the dealer. They quoted me $4600, but when I threatened to go to an independent, they came down to $3800. Did check with an independent and they would have done it for around $2000-$2500. Went with the dealer because I didn't know how reputable the independent was. Now use Angie's list. In any case, outside of normal wear and tear (brakes, tires, etc)I've not had any issues. By the way, goes great in snow with AWD. Never been stuck in the 11 years and we get a lot of snow in the mountains. Just keeps going.
I bought the 2001 RX300 from a lady who bought it new from our dealership and since I was a service writer there for a few years when she traded it in for the new model in 2008, I checked her maintenance and she did every oil change everything Lexus recommended at the mileage intervals and since Dec 2008 I have kept up with the same maintenance and I have had not one issue with this vehicle besides a passenger side window switch. I have 150,000 miles on this beast and it does everything I ask from being super classy with all leather, and supper rugged while off roading when I need it to. People are only on these boards when somethings wrong. Don't rely on a few people that didn't keep up with the maintenance. This vehicle is boss and the reliability is above and beyond.
Bought is brand new in 2001, 99300 miles to-date, Thank god I purchased that extended warranty. Transmission rebuilt on Yr 5 ($2000); Center multifunction display replaced twice ($800); Lock actuator replaced ($600); Air handling servo replaced ($350). Have been maintaining in near mint condition. Never a Lexus again.
it's good for me.I love this car.
love the car, i bought it w/27,000 mies, it's at 90,000 now, i put gas w/the car running a yr ago and it caused problems w/a sensor that cost 900.00 to fix. other than that no problems except having to rep[lace the left ftont and back tail light. toyota is a rip off, wanted to charge 45.00 just to tell me it's my bulbs and nothing else is wrong, only the tail light warning light was on. it looks pretty easy to change both . my son is going to change it, and it will cost less than 20.00.
9 years old, 130K. Repairs to date: 2 O2 Sensors, 4 brake rotors (original fronts rotted), transmission fluid line behind radiator rotted and leaked (common problem says Lexus parts guy), electrical failure of hi beam headlights, drivers leather seat cracked/didn't wear well, needed replacement. Engine of this year reported to have sludge problem that could cause failure due to inadequate lubrication, but it has run very well for me to date. AC lost charge last week; diagnosis pending. AWD great in snow, exceptional with snow tires. Not a bad vehicle, but I had higher expectations of reliability.
The sticker price doesn't match up to the reliability. I'm the only driver, car kept in garage. Both front leather seats and around the handle on the driver's side had to be repaired. Icon for lights keep coming on. Heating and AC have been on and off which has turned me very off. I bought it brand new to go into retirement!
I love this car. Just bought it from my mom who also loved it.
Absolutely love this car. I bought it in 2006 with 27k miles on it.

It handles really well in the snow and ice and drives like a car, not a truck.

The interior is quite roomy and comfortable. The rear storage area is large as well.

Knock on wood, the reliability is great. I've had only minor issues. I had a '99 RX300 whose transmission went at 110,000 miles, and I have 109,000 on this one, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Love my car except Air conditioning