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Lexus GS350 (3 Reviews)
The "visitor" above needs to find an independent repair shop he can trust.

My wife has a 2008 GS-350 Lexus SUV. Repairs as basic as an oil change or a brake job will cost you two-three times as much at any Lexus dealer, plus they will likely find other "things" that need to be fixed for even more money.

Lexus, BMW, Mercedes... the dealer repairs are all rip offs. They figure if you can afford the brand, you can afford the going dealer price for repairs... it's your money. These ARE great cars for the most part, just find a trusted independent dealer who works on your car and save all that money for the premium fuel many of these brands require
Why my Lexus dealer cost me 973.00 for a 90000 maintainace repair regular work? Is there a timing belt on a GS 350 Lexus that must be replace? Where is it? Why is the cost so great on repairs for my GS350 2008? It seems only at the Lexus Dealership? Someone please Help!
Very nice car, little lacking in the power. Brakes are a little soft. Love all the electronic gizmo's.