Q: Left Front Brake Grinding on 2000 Dodge Durango

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Need your help, Replaced front disc brakes in Oct 2008 rotors were still ok, as was the fluid. May 2009 left front brake making an awful grinding noise when coming to a stop. This only happens after about 5 stops approx 10min of driving. Looked at disc brakes they are still fine, rotors were questionable so i replaced both front rotors on May 21st 2009, noise went. Drove close to 300 miles with out the grinding noise until today May 26th the awful grinding noise came back. Again doesnt happen till about 10 min of driving? Going to replace the pads next??? Any other thoughts?
(2) Answers
Jim I put Napa ceramic pads on my wifes durango because of the terrible squeaking coming from the brakes, Maybe the dodge pads have too much metal in them, but anyway they are nice and quite now, Is your durango 4wd or 2wd because I'm wondering about the cv shafts or front hubs but try the ceramics first they cost around $100 a set but to get rid of the noise we would pay anything