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Q: leaky vavlecover gaskets on 1994 Toyota Pickup

I purchased this truck from a man who used this like a 4 wheeler in the woods while deer hunting. It never left his cabin until he sold his lease on the hunting property and began a new sport of golfing. I had a toyota '84 four cylinder and had such great luck with it (the speedometer broke at 418,000 and I continued to drive it that way for another two years-at that time I was a college kid). I wanted that same durability and purchased that hunting truck. After a very large cleaning project, new CVA joints, tires, filters, fluid change, plugs, wires, muffler, and windshield washer motor. The truck is terrific. Except, after two sets of valve cover gaskets they still leak! I am a shade tree mech. at best, and with a wife and four daughters money/time is a big, big, big issue!! Does anyone know how to stop the leak? In other words, correctly fix the problem. And what's possible in-store for me on my next pre-maintence repair job. Can't afford/don't want to buy another truck.
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With high mileage on your engine excess "blow by" caused by engine wear is probably the culprit. If you have the valve covers removed make sure the valve covers are straight. The valve covers are made plastic and warp due to fellows not torquing the valve covers correctly (I've seen people break off the "ears" that the Valve Cover bolts go through). The last time I checked the valve covers were no longer available from Toyota and the customer sourced good second hand ones from a wrecking yard. If you do have the covers off again check the valve clearances (shim adjust)!
I think you need to check your crankcase ventilation ( PCV Valve ) without positive crankcase ventilation the pressure inside the engine has to go somewhere and is putting pressure on your valve cover gaskets.
It could be too much crankcase pressure causing the oil to push out of the valve cover seals. If you start the engine, pull the PCV out of one valve cover and place your thumb or finger over the end of the valve. If there is no vacuum, it could be a plugged valve but also check the hoses and ports for oil sludge/blockage. Test the PCV on the other valve cover as well. With the engine off, you can completely remove the pcv valve and shake it end-to-end. You should hear a rattle. If there is no noise, replace the valve, they are pretty inexpensive.
I have an '87 with the 22R, it's been a fantastic truck. With that V6, keep up with your coolant changes and timing belt services, it is really sensitive to overheating. Hope this helps!
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