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Q: Leak in passenger front and back wells on 2004 Toyota Matrix

Heavy rain yesterday produced 2 gallons of water in the passenger front and back wells. We loosened the carpet on the front passenger side and used a hose to attempt to locate water entry point. Water is coming in on the right front corner by the black rubbery like front cover in the passenger area. We do not know exactly where the water enters the car from the outside. We think it is by the windshield - lower passenger side. At least the water appears to come from that area. How do we fix it or isolate the area to determine water entry? Is this a repair for professionals? Anybody else have this problem?
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Check you under hood heater inlets in the cowl by your windshield arms. Open your hood and you can see them. Are they full of leaves and stuff? If so, clean them first and foremost. If they are full of leaves, the water goes all the places it should not!
We found the leak and plugged it up.

This is our daughter's car and we see her and it about once a year. She bought the car second hand. We took apart the passenger wheel linings, etc. to better see the location of drains. We also took apart the plastic parts by the base of the windshield. Using a trombone snake we made sure there were nothing blocking the drains and water exit points. They were clean and blockage free. The car still leaked when we poured only 1 cup of water in the drain. Upon further inspection we noticed a screw hole that was behind the wheel well lining and that hole went directly into the cabin approximately where the water was entering the car. Evidently a previous owner had put a screw into the plastic wheel well liner for some unknown reason and the screw was long gone. We were able to plug and caulk the hole area with good marine caulk (which we know and trust from using on our sailboat) and tested it for any more leakage. It was DRY!!!!

So, for now, the car does not leak. But that was a weird one to track down and repair.

Thanks for your suggestion, dandd.

Hummm, what will we find the next time the car comes home for Christmas!

Sailor 10
I went through that. To the point that could not put anything on the carpet front or rear because it was so wet. A common and easy thing overlooked... the condensation drain tube for the defroster/air conditioner. It gets kicked out unknowingly and is responsible for many musty smelling damp to soaking carpets. It is easy to locate without taking anything apart. Try this; If you were to sit in the passengers side front seat and spread your feet apart and as far up and out from each other, you just put your LEFT foot on that drain tube. Pull back the carpet and you will see a black rubber tube (pinkie size). I put a plastic zip tie and some 'gorilla tape" around it and I have not had a drop since. :)
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