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I am almost 60. Favorite car I have ever owned !
Alright so agree with the car starting only when it wants to, I've had some problems with KIA and feel others should be aware. We took the car into the Birchwood Kia dealership @ 1364 Regent in Winnipeg, MB. First they told us the clutch was shot,... on a 3 year old car?! So after we did not authorize that, they told us the car would not start and the starter was shot.. again the car is 3 years old and the starter is gone?!?! WOW, thats good manufacturing(yea thats sarcasm)! So without authorization they replaced the starter, then told us it was not warranty sice the car was over on killometers. Now, I understand that anything else would not be under warranty but I live an hour out of the city and drive to and from every day.. Kilometers have nothing to do with starting, true or true? All along we were lead to believe that it was a sensor related to the ignition and now have a brand new starter they are trying to make us pay for! I would never advise anyone to take their car to this delaership on 1364 Regent, and furthur maybe dont buy a KIA. I didnt mind the car, its average as far a vehicules go with average features. HOwever, the Service has been so TERRIBLE and ABHORRENT Im quite dissapointed and would recommend if you must buy a KIA to NEVER EVER visit this dealership.
Hope this saves someone from undue hardship, Merry Christmas!
great little car,, plenty of space,,bought used,,18 inch rims,, tires aren't cheap,, all in all am greatly satified with car
I don't really know what is wrong with my 2011 Kia Soul, but it starts when it wants to!! I have had it at the dealer and they cannot duplicate the problem. I had it towed this morning in hopes that they will find something to fix!! I cannot be out and not know whether or not my car will start.
Only have had it for 4 months, but a great car. Fun to drive. Loads of room for a small car. People notice you
Almost 2 years old now, and virtually flawless. A LOT of vehicle for the money. 18" rims run a little stiff and door panels mar a little easier than one would like. Still, great value and super fun to drive.
AWESOME car!!! love everything about it!!!! :)