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Kia Spectra (37 Reviews)
I purchased my 2007 Kia Spectra in Sept. 2007 and I have had it for 9 years with little to no trouble. It currently has 248,000 miles on it. I have replaced a 02 censor (I think thats the name of it). My cd player has died but I do see that this is common in the car. Recently had trouble with the timing change belt as I never ever had it changed and it was to be changed at a little over 100,000 miles and I never changed spark plugs either so when you know better you do better :) Now the car is up and running just fine! I guess I also got the golden car but my life is just like that song "I've been everywhere, I've been everywhere". Everywhere in my car! I love this car, but I recently bought a new one because it has gotten old. I used this car for work, school and anything else. 1 thing that I do hate is that it did not have cruise control. UGH!
Bought my Spectra EX in Mar 06 new, has 140000 on it gets 30 mpg at 70 mph and I've replaced rear brakes at the 6 yr mark but the front are okay! Probably next year for both and the rotors look like new too! I had a drivers door release break, CD player died and the AC fan belt replaced in the last 9 yrs. Still has get up and go anytime I want it and now I'm trying to replace the radio antenna. So I must have got the golden car that everybody wants.
I purchased my 2007 Spectra in August of 2007. I have 118,000 miles on it now and thus far, other than the oil, the only parts I've changed are the thermostat (once), the brakes all around (once), a park light and a headlight. Twice the car didn't start for me in 6 1/2 years, and both times it was because I'd left a light on all night. I don't care that it's not pretty, it has been a blessing that hasn't put a dent in my pocketbook, something I appreciate as I drive past so many pretty cars on the bed of the repo man's truck. I never expected this car to be so amazingly dependable when I drove it off the lot 6 1/2 years ago.
I paid $5000 cash for this car with 19,000 miles. It has been the best car i have owned. I changed all tear and wear parts at approximately 125,000miles as preventive maintenance. I changed the breaks at 130,000 and the clutch at about 150,000 (the mech said clutch was still good). At the time I bought this car, I had also bought a dodge truck.... Big difference in quality. I had to change all of the suspension parts and breaks on the truck at 60,000. The only problem with the kia is that the dashboard is delaminating and peeling back at the defroster vents. Also, the upper catalytic converter goes out at about 190,000miles(common in kias). Currently my kia has 251,000 miles and still going strong. I did change the battery at about 160,000m. Excellent car. Would buy another one except they jacked up the prices!!
I have a 2005 Spectra Bought brand new and it now has 310,400 miles on it. Same engine and transmission. Timing belts done every 80k water pump done once and oil changes every 4k, I have gotten my money worth from this car that at the time I thought it was going to be just another throw away car later down the road but I keep saying to myself when it dies I'll get a new one. It still runs really well in fact almost to well and I think I'm going to have to just go buy myself a new car because I don't think its ever going to die. I've been really impressed at how well this car has held up. I sure wish they had continued to make these cars, I would go out and buy another.
I bought the 2005 Spectra in March of that year, it was my second is still going strong and has moved me several times towing trailers as large as a trailer used to haul a backhoe. I have changed the transmission oil once, oil and filter ever 6000 miles and I spray used oil on the under body, on the paint all parts liable to rust under the hood and behind both bumpers.
put 20,000 km on a year average and have no complaints. I took it in to the dealer for new gas tank straps and that is about all..brakes, tires, oil changes.
When I move from this Country of Canada I will give it to one of my kids who I am sure will have a great second car which will last for years.
how many liters of oil for engine for kia spectra 2008
I have loved my 2006 Kia Spectra! I've put 95,000 miles on it. Recently my airconditioner compressor went out--first major problem I've had with it. Great, great car!
My car has 101,000 miles and has been very mechanically dependable with only minor issues. I had to replace a $30 fuel pressure damper (easily done myself). The belt occasionally squeals on cold mornings even after tensioning it. The interior and exterior is very poor quality. Paint chips easily, body dents easily, knobs and switches fall apart, dashboard comes apart, etc. But for a cheaply made car, I've been pleasantly surprised by it's mechanical reliability, which is much more important to me than cosmetics.
I bought this little car to commute in when I moved. I commute 45 miles each way to work ..90 miles a day ...3 or 4 times a week...since 2005! This car is the best little car Ive ever bought. Face it...I'm 58 years old and Ive had a few cars. I now have 264,000 plus miles on my 2005 Spectra 2005 and I am totally delighted. NOTE: I did get regular oil changes and new tires and brakes on time. At tax refund time, I go each year and get the extras and this car has not failed me. I still love it. Its starting to look a bit old now but I am still taking good care of it and it is lasting better than I ever thought.
I bought mine brand new for the money its been a real good car the only issue i have had with it is the oxygen sensors have been replaced with low milage and the check engine light has been on a few times i bring it in and its always the oxygen sensors. other than that i cant complain. great on gas and reliable!
This car has been very nice and dependable, although basic with no frills, since we bought it a little more than two years ago. The only major item has been a timing belt replacement at the normal mileage interval, but the car has always ran well and has a surprisingly large trunk for its compact size. My experience with our Spectra has made me more inclined to consider KIA for our next vehicle.
Me and my wife got this one brand new! We aren't the best at taking care of our vehicles, but we try our best to be on top of the maintenance.
It now has 76k miles on it and is still going strong. The only things I have replaced, other than fluids, are the Battery and wipers. I couldn't ask for a more reliable car.
Bought this car new in 2003 and it now has over 100,000 miles on it. I have had to replace the driver power window motor, a battery, tires and brake pads. That's it. This little car has run like a top. I lived in Missouri and drove it to Kentucky, Ohio several times, and California. Since I've been in California I've made several trips back to Missouri to see family and it has never failed me. For a cheap little car (about $12000 when we bought it) I have more than gotten my money's worth out of it and I will try to keep it going as long as I can. It has handled well in Wyoming snow storms when making my trips back and forth from California to Missouri, and has yet to fail me.
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Perfectly horrible car. Noisy,bumpy just awful. I have maintained the vehicle above the KIA recommendations and still have had problems. Now the defroster doesn't work, freezes up on the inside of the windshield, what could that mean? The heat and ac have always been poor performers but now, it is cold and frosty and I need the defroster to work. I will never recommend a Kia. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a car payment at this time, so have to continue fixing this one - with less than 100,000 miles. Wonder what the landmark 100,000 will bring!
I bought my 2004 Kia brand new. Immediately driving off the lot there was horrible whistling sound once I went speeds of 60 or greater, of course not hearing this while test driving. Was looking for something affordable, being a single mom...but this car has been just one thing after another. I can't tell you how often i have changed tail lights and headlights, which let me say is sooooo much fun..not! I have put $1100 in the ac that is constantly giving me problems now that my note is paid and there is no more warranty. today I find out $700 more for bdy control module to work(if I want air conditioning) in 100 degree weather. Oh yeah took right back to dealer ship about that noise..they said they couldn"t do anything abnout it
I bought my 2000 KIA Spectra from another person who lied to me about all the problems wrong with it ( not unexpected just annoyed), I put in a new transmission, timing belt, and brakes from lines to rotors to drums and now it has no power, I can go around town with no problems but when I get on the interstate it will not shift until 4500 rpm then the speed drops when I go up a hill. I am not sure what is causing the problem, I took it to the dealer and they cant figure out what is wrong with it. I need help
I bought my '06 Kia in '07 used, a previous lease I think they said with 14,000 + on it.

I have really done some horrible things to that car. Threading the needle on freeways, taking it ice skating in the grand canyon and multiple cross country road trips. I drive in town a lot as well and it's been almost 70,000 miles and I'm just now needing to repair the breaks.

My only complaint is a sensitive check engine light. I took it in a few times (thank god it was covered) and almost every time it was for something minor i.e. oil on the O2 sensor from getting my oil changed, unbalanced air in the tires etc.

So, I'm pretty happy. Handles like a charm even with my house packed wall to wall in it when I moved. I'm keepin' this thing as long as I can make it go. I have people tell me, oh you drive a piece of $#!! Kia, but it doesn't deserve the name. Depending on how good a driver you are I've gotten 36 mpg on highway, or over 400 miles on one tank with a full car, so love it for that. Love you kia!
i just got a kia spectra 2008 i had it for 2months and i have to get the driversside window is off track so theres is something in the door that needs to be replaced i dont like the fact that my doors are manuel locks but i have a remote for it but it does not unlock it i was told that it would start by the remote and it does not it will turn the alarm off and turn on the interior lights go figure i'm thinking that i want to trade it in
Bought this used in June of 2009. I've had it 14 months and it has been great. I drive it everywhere... A lot! Had a problem with the doors locking on their own. Warranty took care of it with no hassles whatsoever. Not a bad little stereo either.
we bought our kia from a rental company with 20k has 41k with no problems whatsoever. daily driven, freeway miles. just put gas in and go! oil changed every 3k religiously, tires checked every 2 weeks. I was skeptical at first but for the price, it can't be beat. Several friends have Honda Fits and they are amazed by the Kia's power and gas mileage. Thanks KIA!!!!
I purchased this car for my 18 year old, and I now know why I have never owned a Kia. It has 161258 miles and has been an electrical nightmare since the extended warranty expired. Basically IF YOU must purchase a CHEAP( not inexpensive) vehicle then buy a KIA, they are inexpensive because they are CHEAP in every way. The brakes fade after 10 -15 mile of driving in the city and always have(even when new) the maintenance is VEEERRRY expensive. think Lexmark (printers) it will cost you nothing to purchase, but will be very costly to keep. No to be biased but Korea is doing us no favor by making these CHEAP cars in America. They are perpepuating the stereo type of poor American workmanship.
All in all, this 2003 Kia Spectra has done well for us. Check Engine light comes on / goes off intermittently, and had to replace exhaust flex pipe; otherwise, just normal maintenance. Body fit and finish is main complaint. Reasonably roomy, good mpg, quiet and smooth running.
Nothing but problems for me with my '01. Spark plugs & wires have been replaced 3+ times since I got the thing in '04 - '05. CV joint is about to be replaced for 2nd or 3rd time.
It's a basic little car, but it has served us well. Only real problem that came up with the A/C; it took awhile for the dealer to finally get to the root of the problem.
run fine but idles and shake rough when in drive or reverse. what is the problem?
Very basic accesories, and several problems poppping up all over the car.
I have a 2008 KIA Spectra. I got it used with only 4,000 miles. I have to drive a lot in my business. I have this car serviced as required and haven't had any problems. Can't believe that this little engine and a lot of get up and go. It's terrific. Great gas mileage.