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. wowo so the car fell apart at not even 40000miles had to get thw ehile engine done and air conditioned compressor had to get a new one at not even 60000 miles . i go no where with this car please dont buy kias they are over priced and fall apart soon ......right lights having trouble with visor fell out not even 20000 miles i have spent at leaset 3000 grand through out the ten years i have had it . well .i wouldnt sell it or trade it in thats for sure i put four new tires on it and gonna drive it until it cant drive no more i like my money in my pocket ,,,,,,DONT BUY KIAS thats all i can say ......

The 1997 Kia Sportage is the most disappointing vehicle I have ever purchased. The electronics on this vehicle are Atrocious! The electronic issues with this vehicle are so ridiculous, that the local dealer in my city flat out refuses to even work on their own product. Parts are never available in stock for this model at any auto parts location in Bakersfield, CA. I will never purchase a used KIA again.
oil pan is rotting out.Kia should recall for hazmat and danger of blowing engine
At 70,000 miles my 2006 Sportage gas tank rotted out! At 75,000 miles the motor makes a tapping noise, more so when I first start out. The suspension bangs, sounds like a loose exhaust pipe(which it is not). It`s been like this since day one.
J'ai unn voyant allume sur le tableau resemblant à une tete de veau de quoi il s'agit
I have the karmann sport model and have found it very easy to work on the vehicle has been poorly looked after and needs some minor restoration work to get it back in good condition. Flaws steering excessive play, rear number lights coroded screws, idle valve faulty, rear main seal leaking, boot carrier had to be replaced, rear axle oil drain/fill bolts seized,,,
Kia sportage, bought new in 2007. Tech told me oil pan is rotting. Not very happy with that, seems this should be a recall or at least under warranty. Brakes are constantly a problem and need to be replaced at an accelerated rate.
I have owned this vehicle for a little over a year now. The only maintenance I have had to perform thus far is oil changes. This car rides smoothly, and handles quite well. It's very quiet when idling. The sound system (stock) has excellent quality, and the interior, while economically designed, is nice for the pricing. My only qualm with this car is the lack of power. I understand that it is a 4 cylinder, and a crossover is heavier than the typical car, but if I could have gone back and purchased a v6, I would have, as the extra power would make a world of difference. I am very pleased with this vehicle, and feel that it will last for some time.
Best little car i have ever owned. Replaced timing belt every 80000. Parts are cheap online .Normal repairs brakes and wiper blades new tires , Has 400 THOUSAND miles and other than a vacum leak on the four wheel drive it Has never let me down. Still gets around 25 mpg .
My 2009 Kia Sportage after 3 years was making a clunking noise when it goes from 2nd to 3rd gear(around 20-25 mph). It jerks the vehicle. It just turned over to 42,000 miles. I have had my vehicle in several times to have it inspected and each time the dealer tells me that it shows nothing wrong with my vehicle per computer. They adjusted shifting points and all was well. Now after the third time they are replacing transmission at no cost to me. Thanks Green Kia in Springfield.
i have problem with differential oil seal,please send me part number
My 2009 Kia Sportage after 3 years is making a clunking noise when it goes from 2nd to 3rd gear. It jerks the vehicle. It just turned over to 30,000 miles. I have had my vehicle in several times to have it inspected and each time the dealer tells me that there is nothing wrong with my vehicle. Two other family members have driven the vehicle and experienced the same thing yet....there's nothing wrong with it. Don't know what to do.
Bought 1999 kia sportage new. I bought a lemon. Since then. I been putting 1000 or more every year.
Bought my 2009 Kia Sportage brand new. Now, 3 yrs later I'm having transmission problems. It seems to not want to make a smooth shift into 3rd and 4th gears. Plan to take it to the dealer; will let ya's know what they say. It should be under warrenty still.(only 48000 miles) Other than this; my Kia is great.
I purchased a new 2009 2 wheel drive KIA SPORTAGE EX from
FOLGER KIA, Charlotte, for my wife, a 64 year old retired 2nd
grade teacher. She and I drove the car exclusively to run errands
locally and to visit her mother who lives 150 miles away. No rigorous driving at all. Recently she was traveling by herself
to visit her mother. During the trip she started experiencing transmission troubles on hills. The car had around 35,000 miles. When she returned home I took the car to Valvoline, who I've used for years without a service or warranty problem, to get a regularly scheduled flush. A few days later we made the hilly trip again and had transmission problems on hills again. I then drove the car to Folger Kia to have the transmission checked out. They told me that the transmission was "burned out" and refused to honor the warranty because Valvoline did the 35,000 mile transmission flush and then told me I owed them $2,000 plus for replacing an automatic transmission with only about 36,500 miles on it. Folger Kia will not accept my wife's word that the car's transmission was malfunctioning before I took it to Valvoline because her complaints were "undocumented." I paid for a quality vehicle and a five year, 60,000 mile power train warranty. I've received neither. It was a very foolish mistake to buy a KIA. And it was a very foolish mistake to buy a KIA from Folger in Charlotte. Folger Kia's General Manager was supposed to call me on Wednesday and a Kia regional service manager was supposed to call me on Friday to discuss this problem. Maybe resolve it. They didn't call. It appears that they are operating from a manual instructing them how to renege on their warranty. I also suspect that they "overfixed" my transmission and overcharged me. It's my honest opinion that my KIA had a defective transmission, a warranty with a loophole, and a dishonest and self-serving dealership. Yes. That's my honest opinion.

oh these VT roads are tearing up my suspension system. I had to live through the Irene storm damage and let me tell you the roads are horrible since then. first thing to go was the R-F strut mount, and now my front struts are blown out and I need the bearing plates replaced on both sides. Other than that, my car has been a gem! i've replaced my brakes once so far and i've done regular maintenance such as the timing belt, hoses and belts and regular oil changes, tranny flush/fill and getting ready to do the transfer case oil change. My biggest complaint is the cheap material on the inside of the vehicle. My grandson managed to break the console cover and now I've lost that and to replace it is like 400 bucks because you need the whole assembly.

But yes i'd buy a new sportage without hesitation as it is my lexus.
The ESC Off light would not go off and the cruise control stopped working in my 2009 Kia Sportage. The recall for this was for the '06 and '07 models only but my car is still under warranty. The dealership replaced the brake light switch and told me the tail light bulbs needed replacing because they were burnt out. They also said that the burnt out lights caused the malfunction of the brake light switch. I wanted to replace the tail light bulbs myself but they advised that the burnt out bulbs would cause the new brake light switch to malfunction again as soon as I was a few miles down the road. I ended up paying $40 for them to replace the bulbs when I know I could have replaced them myself for around $4 total. I think they scammed me.
popping and squeaking noise when you turn stearing can't figure out why have replace everything known to replace. this is a 2000 kia sportage rear wheel drive
At 25000 miles we had to have all the brakes replace do to corrosion, the hindges on the tailgate back window literally broke and shot the window into my husbands head. We were told the pieces were defective. My concern is how many vehicles are out there with this problem so please check the metal pieces that hold your window to the car. If they do not look right you should get them checked. my husband is 6ft 3 and 280 so he was able to catch the window. If it happens to a small person Idk?

besides that we couldnt be happier with our kia and we bought it new.
tailgate window hinges corroding -24,000 miles will need to be replaced.
1999 Kia Sportage???????OOOD CAR
I bought this Kia Sportage off the street in Anchorage, AK with only 10000 miles in 2005. I added AC and roof racks from Kia.....very easy to add and all the parts had the exact bolts, clamps, etc that were needed to accomplish the job. It now has over 80000 miles showing and about 60000 towed, which do not show. This is my second Sportage, the first one had 235000 miles showing and about 100000 towed, not shown. It is still being driven in AK.
2000 Kia sportage LX 2.0 16v engine, manual transmission, EU model. Nice car, ai this moment about 100.000 miles, no problems.
Had broken fuel tank (plastic), water in ventilation sytem, blockade of windows system, problems with fuel tank replacing (connectors are getting hard with years).
have a 2005 kia sportage Ex. Great car, but not to great on gas and could have more pick up power
The outside of our Kia has gotten pretty beaten up over the years but the car has made it to 192,000 miles and it's still running. My husband and I do all the repairs at home and it makes new noises everytime we start it but we drive it 60 miles a day 3 or 4 days a week and it keeps on chugging. If we did all the services that you are supposed to do on them it would probably be in excellent condition. The repairs are a bit difficult sometimes but so far we haven't come across anything that we can't figure out between the two of us. The only major things we've had to do to it are replacing the alternator and the radiator. The alternator took about an hour and the radiator took a few hours because the new one was built differently than the original. The only odd problem it's had is the gas overflows while we try to fill it unless we fill it really really slowly. I've heard a few ideas on what causes that but we haven't gone in to fix it yet. Overall I like the car but really wish it were an automatic. Long drives make my knees hurt from shifting gears.
I had a similar problem with my kiia as another poster. Wanted to post that, that when the sheared problem happened, had a new timing belt been installed before it happened? Sounds like the crank bolt sheared from backing out or being overtightened. Make sure who ever installed your salvage motor set the crank bolt to torque specs, which are very tight tolerance.
Zero issues since purchased. Only observations are that the V-6 engine pickup is not impressive, to say the least. Mileage runs about 21MPG. So far, so good.
I bought my 2006 KIA Sportage LX 4WD gently used in 2006 and LOVE IT! No car on the road has the turn radius this one does. EASY to park, small on the outside, big on the inside. Stop lamp switch was recalled/replaced which solved my one problem...stability "ESC" light going off and on. I would like more MPG. I am getting 20 mpg average HWY/City even with a KLM air filter. Seats EASY to fold down for large loads. Not much luxury on the inside, nice sound system ,heat and AC good.
car needs a lot of work but I only paid 1300.00,but 500 should do it.
i love the kia sportage. it's the best car i've had