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Kia Rondo (17 Reviews)
Bought a 2007 Rondo used in 2010. Excellent car, SUPERB value for the money. In addition to routine commuting, I've driven it to Florida from Massachusetts twice a year, every year for the past 6 years. Never had ANY problems. Gets about 29 highway, 23 city. (I've got the 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder LX, not the 2.7 liter 6 cycl. The carrying space is AWESOME. The ride is great. The visibility is excellent. Got 115,000 on it now - only things I've replaced is tires, brakes, battery, and recharged the AC. The only thing that broke was the power window switch ($225). Nothing else. Original exhaust. If you maintain it and don't drive like a NASCAR wannabe it is as serviceable as any Toyota or Honda out there. AND THE 2.4 LITER HAS A TIMING CHAIN...... NO BELT TO REPLACE OR EMPTY YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. Kia is still selling this car in Canada as the Rondo, and everywhere else in the world as the "Carens". Why they stopped importing it to the US is a mystery (unless they felt it would compete with it's own Sportage). This car is a hidden gem and GREAT value.
I have 113000km on my Rondo and I am experiencing a loud tapping noise coming from the engine. When I use a higher grade fuel the noise seems to disappear. Other than this ,which i hope is not an expensive fix, I am happy with the vehicle...
Purchase my 2009 Kia Rhonda used in 2012, no problems except I noticed I have been changing headlight bulbs frequently. As of 3.3.2014 I took it to Auto Zone to have the driver side light replaced. Come to find out the bulb has not burned out. Was informed that the bulb was not put in properly and then told to take it to the dealer, because they did not want to dismantle everything to put it in correctly. I took it to Firestone, they also said the bulb was good and that they had tighten it and it should work. Not. Two days later it was out, went back to Firestone and it was determined that the internal connections needed to be repositioned or replaced by the dealer. The bulb was not connecting properly to the internal system. This sounds like a major cost. Wondering if this should be covered under warranty or considered as a recall problem?
I recently purchased the 2008 Rondo (used)from a car dealership in Seattle, and first thing had trouble with the brakes, but dealer repaired the issue! Been very happy with "El Diablo Rondo"! Fuel mileage isn't as good as I would like (around 20 MPG according to the dash board) Drives awesome, and did suprisingly well in the snow, with only all season radials! I would reccomend this car, and hoping I have many years of trouble free driving, as it only has 37,000 miles on the odometer...Having on going issues with the brakes, and now they squeek when making left hand turns? Going in for another check up 01/29/14...wish me luck!
bought my kia rondo in 2009 and in 2012 started to have problems with the headlights they kept burning every 3 to 4 months. i got them originally fixed at my mechanic since kia said was not under warranty and wanted to charge double the price than my mechanic. Now my mechanic is been fixing them under their warranty. i think there is something wrong with the wiring that keep burning the headlights and kia should be responsible for all the times they have been replaced. Anybody else has headlight problems?
I got my car in 2007 and love it. The escape stays off and I cant get it to come back on. Suppose to come on when you start your car
I bought this car used with 26,00 miles from a carmax in Maryland. Haven't ::knock on wood:: had any problem with it besides accident problems and surrounding environment problems. I was in a wreck and had the transmission replaced at a kia dealer which did fail but they replaced it again and no problems thus far with it. I have had the car for about 3 years now have over 100,000 miles haven't had to replace anything yet besides breaks, tires, wipers. i did have to get new control panel because rats or squirels chewed all my wiring up i live in the city and it s very likely so i also had my ignition wires replaced for the same thing. We found nesting and bones in my car. Not really Kias fault. I can normally go about 10,000 miles before getting an oil change. Emission past not over problems with the car. Over all i am please with this car. Love the size of the car great for long distance travel wish it had better mileage though. I get about 17-18 city and depending ( not sure why ) I get about 23-24 highway. Would like the same size and design as this kia but with better mileage preferably 23 city /30 highway would be better.
Bought my car used 1 year ago. has 73,000 miles on it now, most of them mine - all highway.
Dealer says I should replace timing belt cost of $1200.00, antifreeze at $350.00, transmission fluid for another $350.00. feel like i'm being jerked around. drove a dodge van 189,000 miles never spent that much on it in 7 years!
My wife bought it used and was assured that the warranty was transferable. It was not. The car hard started and then stopped running for the same reason the 4 cyl version was recalled and Kia refused to help. Over $500 later new fuel pump (ours is 6cyl/ problem same as 4cyl recall) fixed issue. Very poor customer service by dealerships. None were helpful at all. Very poor followthrough with defects that should be recalled. Very poor policy on warranty that by any other manufacturer would have been transferrable through a dealer sale. All in all my wife loves this car. But Kia service and policies actual are crap and will prevent us from buying another Kia. Just crappy Kia dealer and warranty service all around. Never gonna buy another Kia. Gonna strongly recommend against them. They do not retain value and are not backed by good service. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chevy, and even Hyundai bend over backwards to provide good warranty, customer, and recall service when there is problems with their vehicles. Shame on Kia...
Got this as a rental first, and fell in love. Very roomy, lots of storage, comfy and has great pickup. My AC just went out, so that's a bummer, but a cheap fix. My salesperson is fantastic, still calls me 3 years later to make sure I'm still happy lol.....the service dept....well......not impressed. My one issue was husband changing the oil error lol. Great car, especially for kids/cats and hauling stuff:) I love proving people wrong when they tell me I can't fit xyz in my car:)
*Accidently posted this under Kia Rio....ooops*
I've had no complaints except for the fact that windshield wipers on this car are always needing repair. They fail at the worst times. i.e a thunderstorm, on a highway, during a cross country road trip. Or during a flood warning, on a highway. I've had the motor replaced, I have had the wipers replaced. I'm taking it into the shop again tomorrow. It is becoming extremely frustrating. Also, my head lights and brake lights keep burning out.
KIA SUCKS! 2009 Rondo has loud transmission solenoid (hear it 200 ft away). Did not do it when we bought it. Started 2 weeks later. Dealer pulled trans dipstick and inserted mechanics stethoscope into tube. Dealer says we know what it is. Can’t help you. Talk to factory rep. I did. He said when it fails, bring it back. Complained to Kia. They said rep told them he said it was just a start-up issue. A start-up issue goes away. This is heard any time trans is in gear. Either Kia lied to me, or rep lied to me. Apparently, the solenoid is in the trans, and can’t be replaced w/out pulling it.
We bought this car brand new and the we like the car , my rondo is very confortable , the problem is that every time you go to the dealer for services with any problem they try to make you feel stupid. I had so much trouble with the electrical system in this car and the dealer keep saying to me that is normal and they can never find any thing wrong with it. for example:
1- Blower fan goes crazy on with the control in the off position.
2-Air presure sensor is always on ,took ti to the dealer 3 times and it goes back on a week or two again ( the dealer keeps teling me that this is a normal thing)I think that as long as the car is still on the waranty they wont find nothing wrong but the minute that the waranty expire they will find 100 thing wrong because it will be out of my poket. bonch of cruks. never buy a kia again for for the lak af service, always take the car to the dealer for services trying to keep the $ of the car.Just so you know I still owe 10,000 and the value in the car is 6,000. the don't keep a fair $ value. STAY AWAY FROM THE WALINGFORD DEALER IN CT.
This is a decent car. Good value for money. My main complaint is the fuel economy. I average 22MPG with about 75% hwy driving.
I "upgraded" from an '06 Toyota Matrix to the 7 seat V6 Rondo. Got to be honest, Toyota service ROCKS, Kia service is mediocre at best. Toyota will wash and vacuum your car when you bring it in with a question, Kia puts a sheet of paper on the floor to protect the mat when you bring it in for major servicing. They also don't seem to be interested in pursuing unspecific problems (like that loud clunking sound from the engine that I brought it in for 3 times). Wouldn't buy a Kia again just because of the service department, but overall the Rondo is a good versatile car (go with the EX V6)
I love my Rondo. I drove a 2004 Toyota Sienna for five years and got rear-ended. Kids were older, didn't really need a big van again. I drove a Kia Rondo for eight days as it was the car the insurance company provided me. At first I thought, wow, what a tin can. But, I was so wrong. The little car is great; it actually reminds me of a smaller version of the Sienna. It's a plain car, so if you like a lot of "bells and whistles", you won't be happy. Me, I'm a simple person. I like off-on switches, BASIC dashboards, etc. It has an auxilliary plug for ipods and cell phone charger hidden in the middle console, which is cool. Air conditioning system is great, kids are happy in the back. Back cargo space is large enough for two stacked dog crates. My only problem with it is that I wish it was better on gas mileage. It gets about 19/28, which is about what the Sienna got, and it was a lot bigger. But, I did get the V6. It comes in a 4 cylinder, too, but gas mileage was only 1 mpg. better. All in all, it was a GREAT value for the money. Can't beat Kia's 10 year/100,000 mile warranty, either. And, I was treated like a queen at my local Kia dealer. It's true - Kia has the "power to surprise"! I'm surprised! Hope I'm still this happy ten years from now! Oh, yeah, safety rating is great, too!
Good car for its value