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I got stuck buying from Dons used cars. He is a buy here pay here dealer. It is a 2004 Kia Optima and i was in a rush as they just done detailing the vehicle. So after i got the car home and checked KBB i found out he was charging me 4K over the book value! $7K for a vehicle with 166K miles on it! And its starting to break down! I put 4 new tires on it and that's all im going to do! Sometimes I get into it and she cranks up and stalls out?? Stay away from this guy! I ever asked if they could help me fix the problem and they said NO! Only good thing about this vehicle is the gas mileage! Nuf Said!
Best car I have bought. It is the most less expensive vehicle ever driven - the routine maintenance is not all that expensive. I am so glad that purchased a Kia vehicle gas saver 100% trouble free only things in the lasted 6 years were battery, tires, pads and plugs at 85,000k. The car is very dependable most people might say bad things about lower economical cars but with me buying a Kia was best thing ever happened. Do plan driving this car for another 80,000 miles no rust appealing/showroom new in good shape. Transmission shifts smooth interior and seats are comfortable great stereo sound everything is absolutely the best on my Optima even warranty is excellent as advertised on the Kia commercials. I would recommend buying a Kia vehicle.
Bought my 2004 Kia Optima LX 4 cylinder in 2008. Had basically NO problems with it at all till 2014. Door locks would occasionally not want to lock or unlock from inside and outside, as well as, with key or door lock buttons. CD player would not always take in CD or would spit it out on it's own. Seem to go through breaks often and gas mileage not what was expected. 2014 - Engine all of a sudden died at 125K. Kept up with maintenance all the years I had it too. Replaced engine with a used 58K mile engine. Nothing but trouble since. Goes through oil like crazy, sometimes just won't start, will need to put it in neutral to get it to start, headlights and taillights will all of a sudden not turn on. Was great before this. Now I wish I would have just bought another car, but now I put so much money into it, can't afford to get another.
174K I have changed the oil every 5K only second set of brakes, 28MPG, I wish AM radio worked better
Great car exception gas millage isn't what they say at least not on my car 2013 optima ex average is about 18-22 mpg locally. thatsback on country roads. other then that great car. drives, handles great, excellent excellaration, very fast pickup , love the standard features although my has some s on a options, stops on a dime. rides smooth. would buy another instantly, would and have recommended to friends and family as well as others, traded a 2008 toyota camery in on by far out does the camery. very happly pleased.
Steering is ultra sensitive. If I even think about changing lanes I am already there. Can be very scary.
Cruise control was on, had to stop for construction. Continued on after about 10 minutes and could not even get the indicator light on the dash to come on, let alone the cruise control itself.
Alarm has gone off several times for no reason.
AM radio (that's all I listen to) is horrible. Static increases as I increase speed. Usually cannot hear anything but the static.
Blue tooth reception is less than stellar.
160k motors blown. I baby this car ty kia for your lemon
Wife has had 2005 Optima 6cylinder since new. Problems experienced same as screamed about elsewhere: head light bulbs blow out: USE ONLY FACTORY BULBS - after market last moments; Door lock system malfunctioned. Fortunately wife uses key - horror stories elswhere where locks engage when they want to and will not allow exit from vehicle - safety complaint considered minor by NHWSA (sic?)
Oh yes, lots of reports elsewhere where straps holding fuel tank rub (and trap salt no doubt) causing holes & fuel leaks.
Now big problem: Leave vehicle for a week or two and battery is drained. Dealer claimed it was the audio amp that was defective. I replaced it. Six months later same deal. "Technicians" in the dark, one voice from the tombs said "the go to sleep switch is not switching" because current continues to flow when all is turned off. Now wasting time doing their job.
Otherwise nice car
I paid off my 2004 Kia Optima Lx...I sure regret not trading this piece of junk in. My problems with this car is once in a while my key won't open my trunk...the whole passenger side of the car front & back the electrical doesn't work ..this pile of junk is a bad car period. Anyone interested in buying a Kia vehicle better think again....
I paid my car off. Now I feel like my car is falling apart. First themg key wouldn't turn and the wheel was not lock. My dad sprayed some wd40 in their key whole and it worked again. I don't know what that was about
Don't care because it works now. When I use to open the car door and take the key out the head lights usued to go out now it don't. Wish I new why, I am so use to it going out by it self that I keep leaving the lights on.
Next thing is I need a timing belt. O year and then light in my radio keeps cutting on and off by it self. I think my ac is about to kick out it keeps jumping on and off by it self to. I don't think I should of paid my car off. It only has 70thounds miles on it. I guess these problems are normal.really don't know.
th1s car has prerformed well so far. I have about 110.000 miles on it, my wife was driving
it the engine cut off and it wouldent start up again. After waiting about an hour I tried to start it again the engine turned as though it was draging and then the starter began to click.I thought that it needed a starter.The deaqler installed a starter it still wouldent start. Now they tell me that the engine is bad and it will cost $4000.00 to repair I cant believe it..
My 2006 Kia Optima interior lights recently stopped working. Driver side door does not unlock after locking( have to use key)Passenger side door will not open at all. After reading some of the reviews this vehicle overall(all years) is not a good vehicle.
2006.6 kia optima -62,000 miles.
problems with my lights too. have to replace the front headlights about 2 times a year. back lights have had to be replaced too.
tires were leaking alot from the very start- still happens but not as much.
had to replace the breaks at 25,000 miles and twice since then- front and back.
shocks and strutts replaced, now i have a leaking intake gasket.
made it to 97k miles with no problems other than changing breaks 1 time and battery 1 time. driver seat was wearing fast. no hols just caved in/flat. handled great. good gas millage. no signs of problems. it has been wrecked twice. fist was a head on collision, no air bag deployment. 2nd was 80 on interstate and no air bags. great car, no problems
I have the 6 cyl model. The car now has 100,000 miles.
No troubles yet. The paint on the door handles has come off. No oil leaks, no brake job yet, still runs well.
we have a 2005 kia optima, while we were headed to a dr appointment, it started fine early that morning, about 6 a.m. stoppped got something to eat, started just fine, got to the VA hospital, pulled up to let my husband out of the car, I killed it, tried to start it, all it did was click, it hasnt started since, we were told probably the starter, changed out the starter, it still does the same thing as it did before we replaced the starter. any clue???
I have 90,000 miles and I have occured no problems other than replacing brakes and battery. Great car for the money. I have never once had problems with service or warranty.
The car has been great overall. Meets my needs and is fun to drive. My only observation is that it shifts out way too quickly in drive occasionally leaving you with no power. It is not uncommon for it to shift all the way into fifth before reaching 35 mph. I usually remedy this by using the sport shift when I anticipate that I will need more power.
My wife and I both have 2009 KIA Optimas, The only issue that we have had we had it with both cars. If you have the headlights on and park and turn off the ignition swith and exit the car 99% of the time all the lights will go off. The other 1% of the time the parking lights will stay on. This is most inconvinent since sometimes you do not notice the parking lights still being on.

The dealer has no idea why this is happening. Anyone else have this issue with their KIA Optima?
Optima 2007 Kia - No problems other than one replacement headlight and one tailight. Just bought new tires last year at 56,000 miles. Am anticipating the timing belt replacement at 60-65,000 miles. Gas mileage as expected-way better than my 2000 Ford Ranger I was driving. Car dealership prices in Oregon very high compared to Goodyear or other service centers. Dealerships gotcha coming and going. Overall, ride is smooth, seating is comfortable and get raves from backseat passengers on the comfort and leg room of the back seat area. So far so good - but not getting too comfortable based on other posts of what can go wrong.
i bought a so called life time kia (they really push the ideal of lifetime but its a croack) i have 47,000 miles on my car and a rod or piston is knocking in it and since i missed three oil changes they wanted me to pay like a thousand dollars to tear the engine apart and see if local rep. will ok to replace engine and i dont get my money back, but the dealership said that i would end up paying for intire engine and labor which is bs someone needs to stop them for advertizing lifetime kia because that is bs lifetime warranty means if it tires up they fix it. i will never own another kia and when i get it fixed, out of my own pocket i will excerise my right on the lemon law and put a lemon sign in the back glass take my advise stay away from lifetime kia if they will not stand behind there product better than that i dont need one, they tried to tell me that ford and chevy reguired a complete service history too but i call a chevy dealership and they said they have never asked for a service history kia needs to wake up and stand behind there product because i meet poeple every week that tell me they will never own another one, im going back a chevy
I recently bought a 2005 Kia Optima after driving my Sportage to the grave. Car has run great, good gas mileage, great stereo, just recently it started making a funny clunking noise from the front left tire area, and a equally strange whirling noise from the front of the engine. Going to the shop. I love this car, I really loved my Sportage, mini-me mercedes, 4x4, 5 speed. Always started, overhead cam seal was leaking and I didn't take it to the garage.
Love the look and feel of this car; purchased in March of this year. But, two major inconveniences: I noticed within one day of driving off the lot that the car pulled to the left. Brought it back, dealer realigned it; etc, but it still has a pull to the left. This appears to be a common problem with this vehicle. Now, the ESC light is staying on and on top of it my gear shift locks up from time to time, and I need to use the shift lock release button behind the shift handle to engage it. With only 7k miles on it and 6 months into it, this has been a headache. I take it into the Dealer tomorrow for repair of the last two issues. Aside from these issues, which are not minor, I love everything else about the car. Would I purchase again, knowing all this? No.
I love my kia but have a problem with the engine shaking right after we had the spark plugs and the 2 belts that are suppose to be replaced at 60k. the mechanic thinks it is a motor mount but it did not shake like that when i drove it into the shop only when i drove it out. what could of possibly happend during that time that a motor mount on the right passenger side would malfunction by just being worked on.
I have a 2011 Kia Optima EX. Since the first day the car is pulling to the left. The dealer cannot fix as well as the KIA tech. I understaood that a lot of 2011 Kia Optima have the same problem.
57000 miles and no problems
My Mom and I had the same Kia Optima 2005 purchased with in a year or so mine new hers used with about 13,000 miles. I had trouble with the headlights blowing-in the 3 years I had the car I changed 2 every 6 months or so. My moms did the same thing. We started carrying an extra bulb due to being pulled over with a head light out!! We were fortunate enough to hear of the time belt issue before it became a tragic event and had them replaced. I did have to have a sensor replaced (I have forgotten which one) Break pads and rotars were changed regularly, the repair shop had to beat them off with a hammer once after only 8 months of being on the car. The breaking point for me was last winter, my back tires would seize up and not turn, the first few times we were able to break them free by driving forward then reversing to release the break, took it to the shop a couple times no reason could be found. Then both tires seized I could not even move the car, they removed the Emergency brake and I did not have the issue again. My Mom in the past week has been having the same issue, today she had to have the car loaded on a ramp truck due to the tire being seized. I traded my car, not for a Kia. I liked it in the beginning but began to feel like things were going a BIG way...and no small shops in our area know about the car to fix them. The dealer is not a reasonable distance for repairs, or to have it towed there. I loved it when I got it, reasonably priced and great gas mileage. But in the end the issues were so much of a hassle and beginning to get expensive.
My wife's car, she fell in love with it from start, mileage okay, comfortable for her,and sound system okay too. Handled well on long distance trips, took it to Virginia-Maryland, ride was smooth enough for small car. It's a little tight for me, but if she's happy I'm happy too. So far so good, we are happy with it.
We've had our '09 Kia Optima for almost a year and a half now and are very happy with it. Only 16k city miles in, but it runs/looks/feels pretty much brand new. Would love to upgrade to the nice, new '11 model...but this one is working out so well. I'll be happy with this '09 for another 2 years and 20k+ miles. Kia has got to be the most improved auto manufacturer since, well....Hyundai.