Q: keyless entry transmitter won't work on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

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Because the keyless entry transmitter won't work all of a sudden, I am unable to start the car, the alarm system will not disengage so dash lite keeps blinking & any movement makes the alarm start, I cannot open the trunk lid or gas cap door, this is a nightmare! I put new batteries in both keyless units & they light up so I know they have power. My battery is good. All I needed was gas & this nitemare began! My mechanic is stumped---HELP!
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Did both transmitters stop working at the same time? Was your mechanic able to check the diagnostic trouble codes stored in the vehicle? This system is quite complex, so it's important that the mechanic has the correct diagnostic tools and information to address this type of problem, if they don't I would take this to the dealership.
It could be that the carbon contacts inside the remote( buttons are worn out ) . You can open the keyfob and drag a paperclip or anything else metal like a coin across the contacts and it will engage or disengage the alarm
Again this is not an alarm issue
The hatch is locked shut, No keyless enty will work, Nor will the botton on th dash panel allow any doors to lock or unlock

Locking Sylinoid sounds like the issue---