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Q: Isuzu Trooper Problems? on 2002 Isuzu Trooper

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One morning my car would not start, so I got a jump. I drove it 5 miles, shut it off, and it wouldnt start like there was no power in the battery.
Got a jump, it started, at this point I was thinking alternator. As I was driving home I had no ABS, and the 4wd was coming in and out.
When I got home I turned off the car and tried to start it again and nothing. After 30min I walked outside and saw that I had left the lights on, so I tried starting it again, and it worked. Drove it around the block, and the ABS and 4wd was working fine. Parked it, turned it off, and tried starting it again, -didnt start and had no lights.

2 days later I have lights, and when I turn the key it just clicks and the battery is fully charged.

I thining computer problems..??.. PLEASE HELP!
Check your basic charging system , just because the head lights work, that is not near enough power to crank over your car. The battery needs to have 12.6 volts, so yo need to measure that. The clicking is most likely the starter solenoid, not getting enough current to crank over the engine so the contacts just click on and off and as you try sop start the engine. MEASURE your battery voltage, it need to be 12.6! You can get a Dc volt meter for about $10 bucks at a parts store.
Make sure the battery cables are free from corrosion and tight, But I would have a auto parts store load test that battery to make sure its good.
Hello, Have you had any luck with this problem. My trooper is doing the same exact thing but it is a 1991. Please let me know because I have just been completly ripped off today, not even fixing the problem. They replaced the battery and it still did not start after I shut car off. Any help would be great. Thank you
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