Q: Is the egr solenoid also called an egr vacuum modulator on 1991 Lexus LS400

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I have a 91 lexus ls400. I had a engine code diagnostic done and the codes 51 and 91 came up. On my paper work it states that code 51 relates to the egr solenoid and egr tranducer valve.Is a egr solenoid also called something else or what exactly does these codes pertain to? Thank you
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No the EGR modulator is a brown plastic device slightly smaller in diameter to a coffee cup and about an inch high it has three small hoses going to it and a slightly larger diameter hose going to it from the bottom, it is located at the rear of the engine compartment (on the engine). The solenoid has a two wire electrical connector on it and two vacuum hoses at one end of the solenoid its a little over an inch long (blue maybe black in color). Look under tech articles here to see how the system works.
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