Q: Is my turbo going bad? on 2013 Volkswagen CC

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I hear a loud whistle\chirping sound when accelerating my car. It only happens during acceleration. When the car is in park and I step on the gas, I don't hear that sound at all.

VW tech did a carbon clean on the intake manifold about 2 weeks ago. I started hearing that weird noise afterwards. Tech also replaced the diverter valve. No success. I know he removed the airbox and the air intake when he did the carbon clean. I already checked all the hoses and clamps and they look seated correctly.

No engine light, no loss of power. Engine runs smooth, except for that weird whistle noise during acceleration.
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Hmm, hard to know what could be making that noise from my computer keyboard. Theoretically, it sounds like it could be coming from the turbo area, especially dependent on accelerating. But also, there are lots of noises that can radiate from composite intake manifolds and moving parts / valves within them. Keep persisting and push to have your concerns heard and validated with your tech. Good luck.
VW dealer confirmed it was the turbo. The waste gate malfunctioned. Had to replace the entire unit but since it's covered under the PZEV warranty (7 years or 100k miles) I didn't have to pay.