Q: Intermittent starting issues on 2003 Ford Taurus

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Sometimes after being driven for varying periods of time (I have not detected any pattern) the car will not re-start. So for example, I have driven to a store and had no problem, but after being in the store for say 10 minutes, when I try to leave, the engine turns over, but won't start. After a period of time and continued attempts at starting, the car eventually does start and runs fine. No engine light is on, no codes from obity 2 found. More rarely, at a stop, the car stalls while in gear. In all but 1 instance, the engine started right back up on the first try. Any ideas?
(1) Answer
I would check the crank sensor. They can cause all kings of intermittent dying and hard starting problems and not set any codes. The best way to check it is with a lab scope, but an ohm check will tell you a lot about its condition as well.