Q: Intermittent check engine light and speedometer doesn't work on 1991 Honda Prelude

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Hello, I have a 91 prelude, and just recently my check engine light comes on after about 5 to 10 minutes after I start the car. I also notice my speedometer has stopped working as well, I know the two have to be related some how. When the car runs there is no noticeable problems, but the check engine light is on and I know it can't be good. Can someone please help.

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The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) on the top of the transmission fails. It is an electrical pulse generator, it is needed fro speedometer operation, cruise control and some fuel injection and automatic transmission functions. Its failure does light the Check Engine light.
Hey Pat thanks for the advice, I'll have it checked out, and also thanks for the savings of $90 for a diagnostic. Thanks so much, til next time, Ohmega3
Although this is a delayed answer, if the VSS is bad, then the odometer will also not be working. If it is ONLY the speedometer that is not working, then from what I understand, there is a plastic gear in the cluster that turns the speedometer. That gear wears out and can be replaced to fix the speedometer problem. I have not tried this yet, but it seems to work with other peoples cable-driven Preludes. This would not throw a code to turn on the check engine light though.