Q: intake manifold? on 1995 BMW 540i

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My 95, 540i with 123K (new radiator and water pump) still has a mild coolant leak. I am thinking intake manifold as they are notorious with this model....any way to help me diagnose (even where the leak would be, etc.) Thanks in advance
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see if your local auto parts store has a engine coolent pressure tester, in their loaner tool program. pump up the system to the pressure rated on your radiator cap, then look for leaks. This will push out coolent you won't find in other ways.
It is probably the valley pan gasket. Just did mine. So bad news is you have to take off intake and might as well do water pump while you are in there. I would also check the condition of your timing chan cover as mine were like hrad brittle plastic. They are on the front of the engine below vavle covers.
I did it myself. Just need to take time and don't overtorque on reassembly.
You can leave water pump and take off the coolant line bracket on back of engine.
great time also to replace back heater hoses.
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