i would like to replace serpentine belt (without ac pump).what length would i us on 1999 Isuzu VehiCROSS

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bypass the a/c pump
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you may need to remove your AC compressor and install a bypass pulley first....ask your parts store
i did call autoparts store.they dont have a bypass pully .i will have to build a bracket and mount a pully or put a shorter belt on to bypass the ac compressor.compressor is $200.00 a belt is $25.00-$30.00.what is the length of the belt i should use to bypass the ac compressor?
I am not shore it will work but if tou reall want to trie take a rope and put it around your pullys mark it then take the lenth and try to match
yes ,that would be a pretty quick way to gues at it.i was just hopeing to get an exact measure.they only made a few of the vehicross you cant get any specialty parts like lift kit or the bypass pully. thank you for youre quick response.
you will need to look it up in the chart for bypassing pulleys in a vehicle...they have all those sizes, in case you want to bypass a broken ac compressor.