Q: I replaced my front tires, now I have a rattling noise coming from the right on 2004 Honda CR-V

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It seems to come from the right front area. It appears to occur with highway driving (or >40 mph), rarely with starting move to car. It sounds as if it is rattling against something........almost like something is lying against a fan and when it turns, it rattles. I cannot hear it when I put the window down, it doesn't happen when I turn right, the only thing I did different was put a new tire on the wheel. No diagnostic codes are on my dash, doesn't occur more when I run over a bumpy road or when I turn the steering wheen back and forth while stationary. Can you help? Is it related to having the tire changed?
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Could be one of a few things. First, did you have your tires balanced? If not, do that. Did you possibly dislodge something under that wheel well that is rubbing the tire? Check that next. Next, it may not be associated with your new tires. If it happens in one direction turning then it could likely be a CV Axle on the right side. The "fan sound" is what has me puzzled.
Thanks. Well, to update this post. I went to place that put the new tires on and had them remount it. With the tire off, everything looks "normal". More seems to occur more with slowing down and not so much with accleration. Question, if it is the CV axle how will the car progress? changing the tires could merely be coincidental. If you could offer more information on the "CV axle" that would be great? what to expect? cost of repairs? thanks for your help!
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