Q: i just bought this car & the instrument cluster isn't working. its not the fuses on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

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i can't tell how fast i'm going, how much gas i have or how many miles is on it. the previous owner changed the factory radio to a cd player & i think he either yanked a wire lose or blew a bulb.
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if you are driving during the day, you will see how fast you are going on your dashboard with the speedometer. However, at night you can control how much light the dashboard should illuminate so that you can see the dashboard panel, such as the speedometer and how much you have in your gas tank etc.

I would also take your car to a GM/Cadillac dealership and see what they can tell you. Also have them run a diagnostic test to see what the problem could be.
the entire dash is digital. i know that you can turn the lights up & down but it works on the lights for the buttons for the heater & all the other buttons but not the center which tells how fast i'm going, how much gas is in it or how many miles are on it. any other suggestions?