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Q: I have changed out both slave and master cylinders, still wont go into gear on 1993 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

we have pressure bled it, vacuum bled it, and bench bled it, still can't get the clutch to disengage...we also put in a whole new clutch pilot bearing and pressure plate...very frustrating!! What else can we do? We are ready to blow it up!!
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New throw out bearing? Was it the exact same length? Any pedal at all? Master ever run out of fluid while bleeding?
If you do blow it up, post a video on youtube, like to see that! I have wanted to do the same to a BUNCH of em!!

Pressure plate was the right one i guess? They can be a pain in the a... neck to bleed, i know!! Try gravity bleeding.
we have been very careful about running out of fluid...we made a tool to push into the tranny where the slave cylinder goes and it shifts fine...throw out was have some pedal...just enough to piss you off that it won't disengage..bout quarter of an inch needed to disengage it...yes on pressure plate..the fingers on the clutch were actually about half inch taller...the old one was rusted through...still have play in the pedal about quarter of an inch.if we do blow it up...will let you know!! what's gravity bleeding?
Lol, not at you just that part about just enough pedal! Gravity bleeding is just opening the bleeder and let the fluid drip out on it's own, you may have tried that. I HATE this BS about a damn hyd. clutch! Every time and on every make it is a bunch of work and BS! I take a mechanical adjustable rod any day. If you cant push the clutch in without fluid helping, got no business driving a stick to start with! Good luck man, just keep aftr it, you will finally whip the sob!
you and me both...the throw out bearing is brand new too...we got the pedal to the top...teeny tiny bit of play...still won't go into gear...thinking maybe put in the pressure plate ass backwards...but the tranny wouldn't bolt up if it was, right?
You can put the CLUTCH plate in reversed and it will not release right sure enough! Yes the trans. will bolt up too. You might have done that. Any noise when you make it release with the tool you made, like a grinding?
dammit...there is sooo much shit to take apart to get the frikkin tranny back out...guess will have to do that if nothing else works...the clutch plate is that the one with the springs or the hubbie is working on it...I am the computer whiz who does all the searching
Man been there done that, maybe get some sleep, something might come to mind! Try to be sure somehow before you pull this thing back apart.
no grinding at all unless we are using the actual clutch worked fine with the tool...we have been working on this sob for almost 2 months now...
have had ranger pickups do same thing. pushed fluid from bottom up to the master cylinder. used silverline vacuum pump, but it also pushes..
have had customers call with same concern. told them try pushing fluid from bottom. usually works.
How would I go about pushing fluid from the bottom? He gets under the truck and pushes in on the rod and we have gotten bubbles up in the reservoir he has done this probably 50 times or more, then the bubbles go that what you are talking about?
hook bleeder to slave cylinder to push fluid. should push it out master cylinder. may take couple times.
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