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Q: I have a miss in my Lincoln navigator making it put pretty bad/ don't know??? on 1998 Lincoln Navigator

I have a miss in this 1998 Navigator and I had the fuel filter replaced already and we also hooked it up to my husband's nephew's computer at his garage, and it shows no codes whatsoever. They said the catalytic converter was out (one one each side) and they think that could be causing the problem..They said they are going to use some kind of glass muffler things to help fix it cheaper, but I don't know if that's the right thing or not...Help someone please before they tear up something else...What should I do....They said it looked like the fuel pump had already been replaced, and they said that someone had previously put the wrong coils on there. I need this vehicle running properly asap as I have 3 kids, and I need my wheels....HELP!!!!!!
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Sounds like they are going to bypass the catalytic converters altogether. If you do not have emission checks in your state you can do this. If you have emission checks then I would recommend taking it to a shop and have them put the oem cats. or after-market replacements in for you.
We don't have emission checks in our states, but they tried the glass things lastnight and they don't fit, so should we try to call a junkyard to have them check and see if I can get some there, they are like $350.00 on each side new at Advance Auto Parts. Also, it really misses bad when you try going up a hill, would that be the cat converters or a fuel pump? I am at a loss as to what to do next....Thanks...
Going uphill causing the stutter in acceleration is a telltale sign of catalytic converter failure. You may be able to get a better price at a 'mom or pop' style repair shop on the converters. Going to a salvage yard is okay but cats. don't come with a guarantee at a salvage yard. This style may need cut and welded in but the savings should make it the most affordable option. Autozone: Go to their site and see what else is available to you.
Ok, I talked to a local mechanic here in our community who is known to be one of the best and he says that the cats wouldn't cause the miss at all. He says that I need new coils and plugs definately. He said for me to buy new plugs and two new coils and troubleshoot them until I find the right ones that are bad. But someone else told me to replace all the coils at the same time or the other ones could go out later. My vehicle has 218,000 miles and I don't want to put a lot of money into it at this point, but I do want it to run decent. We found some cats. from someone and we are going to go ahead and put those on, they are from another Navigator. This vehicle is becoming more than I want to deal with.

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